5 Great Things About Living In Arlington Texas

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If you’re thinking about relocating to The Lone Star State, Arlington Texas is a place you might want to consider adding to your list. Sure, it may not get as much attention as places like Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, but Arlington is a big city with a lot going for it. The population in Arlington has been growing quickly over the last decade, and the city is now home to more than 392,000 people. This means that it’s one of the most populated cities in all of Texas, and in a state where bigger is better, that’s definitely saying something. As a result, you can feel confident that you won’t be dealing with a sleepy little town. Instead, you’ll likely find that Arlington has a little something to offer everyone. Keep reading for 5 great things about living in Arlington Texas.

Great place to find a job

Living in a place where it’s easy to find work is definitely a huge plus. Fortunately, finding a job in Arlington Texas will be much easier than in other cities in the country. According to Arlington Texas Today, “Arlington is the 4th best city to find a job this year.¬†WalletHub analyzed the relative employment opportunities in the 60 largest U.S. cities in order to give people a sense of where the strongest job markets and greatest prospects for long-term financial security can be found. Good news for anyone relocating to the area or just looking a new gig locally.”

High crime rates

Although the crime rate in Arlington Texas has been declining over the years, it’s still a little on the high side. The crime rate is about 38% higher than the national average, and people in Arlington have a 1 in 26 chance of falling victim to a crime.

Great place to buy real estate

If you’re looking to purchase a home, Arlington Texas might just be the place to do it. The median price for a home in Arlington is 26% lower than the national average. This means that any home you buy could be a great investment as the area becomes a more desirable place to live over the years.

Plenty of things to do

If you live in Arlington, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of fun, interesting, and educational things to do. The city has lots of opportunities to get out and experience art, music, and culture. On top of that, the weather in Arlington is beautiful throughout the majority of the year, so visiting local parks and hiking trails can be the perfect way to take in the incredible scenery.

Expensive cost of living

Arlington Texas isn’t nearly as expensive as many other areas of the country, but it isn’t cheap either. Although the cost of living in Arlington is 3% lower than the national average, it’s 9% higher than the Texas average. This means that there are definitely less expensive places to live in Texas.

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