20 of The Most Lavish Billiards Room Ideas

modern pool room with city view

Having lots of ideas when it comes to decorating the rooms in your house is common. With that being said, no matter how old you get, there will likely always be a part of you that wants a room in your house to be dedicated to fun and good times. In many — especially luxury — homes, these adult versions of game rooms are billiards rooms. Including a pool table and often times a bar, poker table, and a theater space, billiards rooms are the perfect place for adults to unwind and relax with friends and family.

With the flexibility to design these rooms however you see fit, many people see this as an opportunity to have a little bit of fun by incorporating bold colors and cool accents and accessories. If you love a bit of friendly competition, are looking for a more mature version of a game room, these billiards room ideas can show you some excellent options. From classic to modern, billiards rooms can come in a wide variety of designs that will certainly peak your interest.

Here are 20 of the most lavish billiards room ideas.

pool room with red walls

image via http://www.architecturaldigest.com/

home billiards room with black design

image via http://improves.adamguzman.net/

pool room at home with hardwood flooring

image via http://thisisthefirst.com

house with beautiful contemporary pool table

image via Homemydesign.com

small pool room with vaulted ceiling

image via madebymood.com

pool room with beautiful view

image via http://www.home-designing.com/

beautiful white pool table with green top

image via houzz.com

beautiful billiards style room with wooden ceiling

image via http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/

billiard room with modern fireplace

image via shelterness.com

beautiful lavish home theater with pool table

image via priceypads.com

modern billiard room with modern decor

image via 6x1home.com

open adult game room with large windows

images via slimrandles.com

billiards hall with traditional design

image via http://www.luxuo.com/

family room with catalina pool table

image via houzz.com

home billiards hall with modern chandelier

image via homebunch.com

large pool room with floor to ceiling windows

image via http://www.deviantart.com

lavish pool room with wooden walls

image via huffingtonpost.com

sleek modern pool room with dark decor

image via Gdrarchitects.com

basement bar room with pool and poker tables

image via http://edgonline.photoshelter.com

lead image via usualhouse.com


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