10 Items to Give Your Home a Sense of Calm

Calm Home

Your home is your sanctum from the stresses of the world. As a result, while there are parts of your home that you want to make fun and exciting, there are also parts of your home that you want to make as restful and relaxing as possible so as to assist you whenever you want a break from the rest of your life. Fortunately, this is something that can be done by using a wide range of items in a wide range of settings, meaning that you should have no problems putting together something that you like and can also produce the desired results. (1)

Here are 10 items that you can use to make your home seem restful and relaxing:


Almost anything can contribute to the creation of the right atmosphere when it comes in the right colors. Generally speaking, if you want something soothing, you should choose items in natural colors such as soft blues and greens as well as neutral colors such as light brown, light yellow, and even light brown. Even if you are not particularly fond of said colors, chances are good that you are not going to dislike them, thus making them inoffensive while also making it possible for you to calm down by avoiding anything that is either excessively bright or excessively dull.


You have five senses. As a result, if you want to create a calming space, you have five separate factors that you should be targeting, with one particularly important example being your sense of smell. This can be extremely variable because different people have different preferences, but generally speaking, something like an air freshener exuding the scent of either rose, lavender, or vanilla is great for getting you in the right mood.


As surprising as it sounds, boxes, dividers, and other means of organization are a great way to create a calming space because their use eliminates clutter. In turn, less clutter means a brighter and more open space, which make it easier for people to calm down when they are not feeling cramped and closed-in.


Some sort of music player is a great way to feel a calming space with something to soothe your sense of hearing. While different people have different tastes, you should make sure to go with something slower but still upbeat, while saving faster and more aggressive forms of music for when you just want to have some fun instead.


Candles are a surprisingly popular choice for people who want to rest and relax. In part, this is because their softer light is not just romantic but also less harsh than the sort of artificial light that is best-suited for task lighting. However, it should also be noted that a lot of candles are scented, meaning that they are also a great way to fill a room with the smell of something wonderful.


Living plants are a great way to imbue a room with some color as well as a more breathable atmosphere. Better still, you can choose from a wide range of options, meaning that you are sure to be able to find something suited to your particular needs as well as your particular gardening skills. For example, if you are just starting out, consider getting a hardy bamboo. In contrast, if you are feeling more ambitious, you should consider flowers for a much-needed splash of color.

Water items

Water features are famous for being able to soothe even the most stressed-out minds, but their size makes them difficult to incorporate into a room. Instead, go for something smaller in the form of a fish tank, which is not just easier but also more affordable than you might imagine, particularly since you do not actually need a lot of fish in order to achieve the calming effect that you desire.


Hardwood and other hard materials are not suitable for the flooring of a room meant to encourage rest and relaxation. Instead, you want carpeting, but failing that, you want to get the fluffiest rug that you can find. Granted, a fluffier rug means an increased need to keep it clean from dirt, dust, food particles, and other potential sources of contamination, but since you will be using the room for rest and relaxation, you should have no problems keeping it clean and well-maintained enough for your use.


Similarly, cushy seating such as a well-stuffed chair of sofa can do a great deal when you just want to take a break. This is particularly true if you also include some cushions and pillows with your choice of seating, which you can adjust whenever you are about to lie down so that you can maximize your comfort as well as your enjoyment.


Some personal mementos can help you rest and relax in your room by reminding you of your friends, your family members, and all of the other people that you care about. Since this is such a personal issue, there are a wide range of possible items. For example, if you have inherited a set of animal figurines from one of your grandparents, putting them on display in a prominent position can do a great deal to remind you of them, thus putting you in a better mood when you are feeling upset.

Similarly, if you have a stuffed animal that you remember with great fondness because of who gave it to you, you should not hesitate to put it somewhere in your calming space as well.

Further Considerations

Of course, these are no more than a small number of the items that can be used to make your home seem restful and relaxing. For that matter, different people have different preferences when it comes to their surroundings, meaning that what is restful and relaxing for other people may or may not necessarily be the same for you. As a result, while you should take these suggestions to heart, you should also feel free to go with your own sense of style whenever you feel the need to do so.