20 Beautiful Indoor Garden Design Ideas

indoor garden ideas

Gardening is a very popular hobby for people who enjoy nature and spending lots of time outdoors. Plus, there is a certain level of joy and excitement that comes from watching a seed transform into a beautiful plant. However, gardening outdoors isn’t always an option for various reasons. Some people don’t have the space, or would simply prefer to be indoors instead. For those who would rather stay inside, gardening can still be a fun and exciting option.

In fact, indoor gardens can be a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial space. Whether you like bright colors of prefer simple earth tones, you can tailor your indoor garden to fit your specific wants and needs. Those who love DIY projects will also find that creating an indoor garden can be a great way to get busy and stay creative. If you’re looking for a cool new way to add something special to your home, and indoor garden might just be exactly what you need. If you’ve got a green thumb, you might as well put it to good use!

Here are 20 beautiful indoor garden design ideas.

indoor garden in living room

image via www.designrulz.com

cool indoor garden

image via birdla.com

awesome indoor garden ideas

image via www.landscapinggallery.net

amazing indoor garden design

image via www.stylemotivation.com

indoor garden with pond

image via www.hostelgarden.net

indoor garden with ceramic floor

image via supergiclee.com

simple living room garden

image via hgtv.com

awesome indoor garden set up

image via fishprop.com

interior garden room

image via roomdecorideas.eu

indoor herb garden

image via www.conniehogarth.org

amazing home garden ideas

image via roomdecorideas.eu

interior decorating ideas with plants

image via annsatic.com

living room wall garden

image via homefuly.com

indoor garden in buckets

image via blog.gardenloversclub.com

home office garden

image via www.distrohome.com

contemporary indoor garden with glass

image via www.graindesigners.com

bright indoor garden ideas

image via indoorplantsexpert.com

box garden wall ideas

image via foxyoxie.com

DIY Pallet garden

image via www.honeyandlime.co

indoor garden storage

image via homemydesign.com

lead image via www.tsinghua-lx.net


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