10 Cool Folding Dining Table Designs

small foldable dining table

If you have a small dining area in your home, a folding dining table is something you’ll definitely want to consider. After all, having a regular place to eat is important, but having space is also important. A folding dining table offers you the chance to have both. If you’re worried that a folding design means you’re going to have to sacrifice style – don’t even let that get into your head. Folding dining tables can be just as stylish as any other type of table. So, let’s see just what these awesome tables have to offer. Take a look at 10 cool folding dining table designs.

folding dining table design

Having a folding dining table can be a great way to make the most of a small dining area.

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beautiful white folding dining table

This awesome modern table has a sleek stylish design that also looks sturdy.

image via RussWittmann.com

simple dining table with foldable design

While some folding dining tables can stand alone, others are made with attached designs. This table for example, is attached to built-in shelves.

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modern folding dining table design

Looking for something simple? There’s a folding dining table that can give you just the look you’re going for.

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elegant folding table from wall

If you live alone, or have a very small household, you’ll see that having a full-sized dining table probably isn’t necessary. However, a smaller option like this may work well.

image via chinesefurnitureshop.com

wall mounted dining table

Eating dinner for one? This table may be small, but it’s the perfect place to enjoy a quick meal for yourself.

image via homeemoney.com

modern folding table design

Not only does this dining table have a folding design, but it’s also on wheels which means that it can be easily moved from one room to the next.

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dining area with purple walls

Just because you have a folding dining table doesn’t mean it has to be small. This table can easily accommodate up to four guests.

image via snapdeal.com

folding dining room table

Unfortunately, space is one of the most difficult things to come by. However, a folding dining table can help you make the best use out of the space you have.

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small folding black table

A sleek black design makes this dining table the perfect place to enjoy a nice meal.

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