15 Of The Most Amazing Foldable Table Designs

folding kitchen table design

If you’re in need of space-saving furniture, a foldable table could be the perfect addition to your home. Not only are these tables fully functional, but they’re also great for smaller areas where space is running low. Think about how nice it is to be able to create more space when you need it just by folding a table away when it’s not in use. I know that when most people think about folding tables, they think of cheap little card tables that aren’t mean to be left up in the house, but that isn’t the only option. Foldable tables can come in a wide variety of designs and styles that can make them fit well with any space. While some folding tables can attached to the wall and only folded down when needed, other tables are designed to be folded out to accommodate more guests when necessary. Not only are foldable tables good for living room areas, but they can also be used as dining places and desks for those who may not have a dedicate home office. If you’re interested in saving space while also saving your style, a foldable table is definitely something you should consider. Here are 15 of the most amazing foldable table designs.

beautiful modern kitchen with folding table

image via ibexstudios.com

cool small folding table

image via surripui.net

cool wooden foldable table

image via cveta.com

Cool Ikea Small Folding Dining Table Chair Storage Dining Table throughout Folding Dining Table With Chair Storage

image via http://wegoracing.com

cool white folding table

image via http://www.vssagi.com

wooden fold up dining table

image via http://www.redlinedesignworks.net/

simple elegant fold out table

image via Eurekahouse.co

cool white folding table with orange chairs

image via http://www.favefaves.com

cool trendy foldable table

image via zhuke.com

simple fold down desk at home

image via decoist.com

laminate brown foldable table

image via customcouturecakes.com

simple square foldable table

image via http://autohaus-fleischer.com/

wall mounted foldable table

image via houseofpants.com

foldable white table design

image via celebratethemaker.com

cool folding table for dining

image via http://www.basicwords.org/

lead image via abtack.com


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