Five Tips on Making Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger


Your bathroom is one of the rooms that will be seeing the most use. As a result, you want to make sure that using it is as pleasant as possible, which means making it seems as open and spacious as possible in spite of its limited size. Fortunately, human perception is malleable, meaning that there are all sorts of ways to make a small bathroom seem bigger than it is.

You can use these 5 tips to make your small bathroom seem bigger than it is: suggests using a clear glass door for the shower. This is because an opaque glass door separates the small bathroom into an even smaller shower area and sink area, thus making it seem that much more cramped and closed-in. In contrast, a clear glass door maintains the illusion that the shower area and sink area are part of the same space in spite of their strict separation. Although an argument can be made that an opaque glass door provides much-needed privacy, chances are good that you will not be needing it because you will be alone in your bathroom anyways.

Once again, suggests using a pedestal sink instead of more traditional vanities. After all, even the smallest vanities can take up a lot of space, which becomes particularly problematic because they retain the same size and shape from top to bottom. The loss of that much floor space can make a small bathroom seem more cramped and closed-in just as much as the loss of space in other, more useful areas, meaning that the choice to install a pedestal sink instead of more traditional vanities in order to open up floor space can make a surprising amount of difference.

Better Home & Gardens recommends using open shelves for much the same reason. In short, the openness of the shelves creates the illusion that their space is still available for your use instead of being blocked off by the barriers that keep the contents of most storage units separate from the rest of the world. Better still, open shelves can make it that much easier for you to keep track of where you have put all of the things that you store in your bathroom, which can save you considerable time and effort because you will almost never have to conduct searches for particularly obscure items ever again.

Furthermore, Better Home & Gardens has noted the potential use of small luxuries to provide a bathroom with an increased usefulness without actually having to take up more space than what is available. For example, a mirror suspended over your pedestal sink can make your surroundings seem that much less cramped and closed-in because you are enjoying your small bathroom just as much as if you had a bigger bathroom. Something that is particularly true because mirrors are also known for their reflections, which serve to light up a space while also making it seem much bigger than it is by seeming to double it.

Finally, Bathstore proposes using a simple and straightforward paint scheme for your bathroom instead of something more complicated and time-consuming because too much visual presence in too little space results in nothing but a visual mess that will make your small bathroom seem cluttered. As always, a cluttered room is also a cramped and closed-in room, meaning that this is something that must be avoided. Instead of something complicated and time-consuming, consider lighter color choices such as sky blue or pastel yellow, while also livening up uninteresting surfaces with small touches such as open shelves and perhaps even decorative artworks.

Further Considerations

Of course, each bathroom is unique, meaning that it needs unique attention to make sure that it will look its best. However, giving a space the right look while using the right budget is much easier said than done, which is why you should not hesitate to research possible looks for your small bathroom before you actually get started on choosing colors, materials, and other design elements. The more work that you put in before you get started, the less that you will have to change as you progress, which in turn, means the less in cost when it comes to both time and money.


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