20 Bathrooms With Beautiful Drop In Tub Designs

beautiful bathroom with white drop in tub

In the world of bathroom design, drop in tubs are very popular in many homes. Unlike freestanding tubs, drop in tubs are built in to the wall; a feature that many people find more accommodating and practical. While the debate between freestanding and drop in tubs continues to rage on, there are definitely some pros that come along with the drop in option in your home. Not only do drop in tubs tend to save more space, but they also tend to be less expensive, and allow a variety of design options to help you create a customized unit.

If you enjoy soaking in the tub after a long and stressful day out in the world, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have a tub that you can appreciate and enjoy. While there are lots of options out there, these drop in tubs will definitely have you see the benefits of having a drop in tub. After all, your bathroom deserves to be beautiful and comfortable, and these ideas can get you one step closer.

Here are 20 bathrooms with beautiful drop in tub designs.

beautiful modern drop in bath tub

image via freshome.com

black and white bath tub

image via www.bathtubsplus.com

contemporary drop in bath tub

image via homedit.com

modern bathroom with large tub

image via decorpad.com

zen soaking drop in bath tub

image via tubz.com

bathroom with stone wall

image via hgtv.com

tropical bathroom with rain shower

image via zillow.com

square drop in modern tub

image via www.americanstandard-us.com

drop in bath tub with custom design

image via kelleydenby.com

black and white drop in bath tub

image via www.21stparent.com

beautiful drop in bath tub with wooden edges

image via www.cheviotproducts.com

luxury master bathroom with chandelier

image via amazingcabinetry.com

country cottage style bathroom with round drop in bathtub

image via arolinc.com

wooden bathroom with soaking tub

image via homayan.com

oval drop in bath tub in traditional bathroom

image via www.beeyoutifullife.com

traditional bathroom design with long vanity

image via www.ultimatechristoph.com

drop in bath tub with wooden surrounding

image via rukle.com

drop in bath tub/shower combo

image via de-lune.com

drop in bath tub with green marble

image via ubcisa.com

asian themed master bathroom

image via residencestyle.com

lead image via www.akerbymaax.com


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