How to Decorate Unsightly Plumbing Fixtures

Unless you are a plumber by trade, you probably see no beauty in most of the plumbing fixtures in your home. The white PVC pipes are fine as long as they are hidden and do their job without problem. However, if you happen to live in a home that has exposed plumbing pipes under sinks, along walls, behind washing machines, in the basement or somewhere else, you are most likely looking for a way to hide them, make them look less obvious or fit them in to the rest of your décor.


Pipes that run along walls can often be hidden with a simple handmade box. If you have more space, however, consider improving the box idea with a built-in bookshelf, a shelf for stacking firewood or a display case that is actually meant to catch the eye. A shelf can also be used effectively if you have a pipe sticking out of the floor in the middle of the room. A backless shelf can be used to show off your favorite decorative items while hiding remediation pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

Sink Skirts

While a vanity cabinet is usually used to hide bathroom pipes underneath sinks, your bathroom may not have enough room for a vanity. A sink skirt can be attached to the bottom of your pedestal sink and can be easily pulled aside for storing items beneath it. You can quickly make your own sink skirt for very little money by using decorative dish towels and grosgrain ribbon. Sink skirts are also effective for hiding pipes beneath exposed kitchen and laundry room sinks.

Built-in Bench

If you have a pipe that is exposed near the floor in your entry area, consider a built-in bench. These benches can often be DIY or can be made by skilled carpenters if you are looking for something fancier. You can even add storage inside the bench with a hinged lid.

Blended In

If building shelves and benches is not really your thing, take the easier way out by simply blending the pipes into their surroundings. Consider painting them the same color as the walls or even wrapping them in decorative tape or rope.


If you are a nature-lover and have a green thumb, invest in some creeping houseplants that can grow around pipes extending up walls and ceilings. If you have more of a black thumb, you could even carefully wrap silk foliage around the pipes.

There is no sense in letting some exposed plumbing ruin your home’s décor. If you have the money, consider contacting a plumber like The Clean Plumbers and changing your pipes to something prettier than PVC, such as steel or copper. However, if you are on the other end of the budget spectrum, consider a DIY shelf or box, a simple homemade skirt or some natural-looking foliage to ensure that your pipes do not become the ugly star of your home.


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