5 Ways to Design Around Unsightly Plumbing


Your home is perfect except for those unsightly exposed pipes. The problem is you can’t figure out how to hide them without investing in expensive renovations. Then again, you could add a coat of paint, a fabric skirt or a bookshelf to solve your pipe problem. In short, a little time and a lot of creativity turns exposed pipes into a piece of art.

Go Industrial

If you’re unsure about how to hide those pipes – don’t. Go industrial and incorporate the pipes into your décor. You’ll need a neutral color for your walls, a beautiful rug and some potted plant. Add to that matte black or metallic gold paint for PVC pipes and you’ve found a chic solution to your exposed pipes problem.

Paint Away

A coat of paint the same color as your ceiling will help exposed pipes blend into the background. However, painting your pipes in an accent color will add charm and character to the room. You’ll need a water-based metal primer for metal pipes or a bonding primer for PVC pipes, but charm is a brushstroke away.

Add Tape

The idea of using tape to hide pipes seems ridiculous. However, design tape might solve your problem. You can find almost any color or design to fit your décor in your local art supply store. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can use self-adhesive wall paper to add an artistic flair to exposed pipes. If you’re not sure what your pipes are made of, consider asking a plumbing company like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for help.

Shelve the Pipes

Sometimes the best way to hide something is in plain sight. This is as simple as building a bookshelf around exposed pipes. All you need is shelf brackets and shelf planks. Then, mount the shelves on either side and use the pipes as a book end to create an elegant look you’ll love.

Skirt the Problem

Plumbing pipes under floating sinks aren’t easy to make attractive. In fact, you want nothing more than to hide them. Double-sided tape along with your choice of fabric will make a beautiful no-sew skirt to cover the pipes. Fortunately, hook and loop tape allows you to remove and wash the skirt to keep everything bright and beautiful.

You don’t have to break the bank to hide your pipes. A fresh coat of paint or a few strips of design tape might do the trick. In fact, a little time and a lot of imagination is the perfect solution for exposed pipes.


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