A Couple of Strange Recent Craigslist San Diego Ads

San Diego

San Diego is a generally laid back area-full of happy surfers, tech employees, and military personnel. Its residents represent a potpourri of humanity–from the high priced suburban communities, to the small pockets of poverty areas. Overall, San Diego’s beauty and wonderful weather make it a picturesque example of what Southern California has to offer.

With that in mind, there are still plenty of San Diego residents who take out ads on Craigslist, for things to buy, things to sell, and places to live. Here are a couple of wacky Craigslist San Diego ads we saw this week:

Confusing Horse Ad


This ad, Come fall in Love with being around horses we offer affordable – $30 , http://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/grd/5656828490.html, comes with photo with a lovely white horse with a flower in its mouth. It is unclear exactly what the poster is offering. The horses are not “self-cleaning” whatever that means, and “Partial rental” is available. It’s only till you get further down the ad that it is mentioned that is is riding lessons or horse care lessons. The ad ends with a memorial for two horses loved by the owner. It’s clear the poster loves horses, but the ad as a whole is rather weird.

Be a Mobster’s Wife, Or Just Look Like One


This seller has a Mob Wife Costume, http://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/clo/5667043875.html, for sale in case you always wanted to add that touch of organized crime style to your wardrobe. The picture itself looks more like a 1940s Zoot Suit. It comes complete with cigar for full effect. The poster said the original hat was ugly so the threw it out and made a new one.


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