10 Classic Attic Apartment Designs You’ll Love


An attic apartment, commonly referred to as a loft apartment, is an apartment built on the upper floor/attic space of a home. An attic apartment is usually smaller in size than a normal apartment and can have some unique features, such as slanted walls or a large open space that is not broken up into separate rooms. Designing an attic apartment requires creativity and imagination. Many attic apartments are considered to be studio apartments. While an attic apartment is probably not going to appeal to a large family, an attic apartment can be used as a fun first apartment, an awesome bachelor pad, a living space for a single person, or a couple that is just starting out.

When you think of an attic space, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A musty old space full of old junk? A haunted place you refuse to enter? A dust-filled room? Maybe in the olden days, but not anymore. Attic apartments are becoming increasingly popular and, if decorated and designed correctly, can be the best apartment you ever lived in.

Here are 10 attic apartment designs you’re going to love:

1. Great use of space


This first attic apartment is exquisitely beautiful and uses every inch of space in a creative way. The white paint on the walls, white curtains, and white furniture makes the room appear larger, the space to seem light and airy, and offers a touch of sophistication. The main living area contains a futon that serves as a couch or bed, small dining nook to seat four people, a small desk, and a coffee table that also serves as a bookcase. A small ottoman serves as a way to put your feet up or offers an extra seat for guests. The small desk area is underneath the attic window so you can look out the window and allow in lots of natural light as you work or study and is a creative way to use the space.

The coffee table can easily be rolled away under the long desk area at night so the futon can be unfolded and slept on. The small dining table can be expanded if you have guests over for dinner. This amazing attic apartment also includes a small children’s area with a small bed in the corner, electric green accents, and creative storage space. The tiny kitchen area has a white brick accent wall and pretty blue cabinets that make the room appear larger. There are a tiny stove and even tinier window that allows the natural light to flood in. The light colored floors also help the room not feel like it’s closing in on you. For the wine lover, there is even a portable built-in wine cabinet. The storage bench doubles as a seating area, this apartment has all the comforts of a normal home, but in less than half the space. Take your shoes off as you step inside and leave them in the built-in shoe rack. The simple bathroom is a classic black and white color with just a toilet, bath, and sink.

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2. Country Feel

Frank Shirley Architects

This attic apartment has a country feel to it. The ceiling is high and makes the room feel roomier and cozier. The white and wood contrast also adds to the openness of the room. The many windows allow natural light to come flooding in. The built in case at the top of the stairs leading downstairs offer a little extra storage space. The chair and ottoman stuffed in the corner allows for a convenient sitting area and doesn’t take up a lot of room. This is a wonderful open space with lots of light.

3. Tiny but very effective


The extra lights in this tiny attic apartment make up for the lack of windows and adds a touch of charm. The light colored walls and floor make the room seem roomier and less cramped. This furnishings are strategically placed in this oddly shaped attic that has very little space. The beautiful chandelier atop the small kitchen table adds a touch of elegance to the space. The bar stools along the counter adds extra seating room for guests. The island in the kitchen includes the small stove, with the sink in the opposite counter. Next to the fridge is added storage space in a tall, thin cabinet. Accent chairs and furniture are also strategically placed.

4. Great use of tall ceilings


This astounding attic apartment uses the tall ceilings to its advantage. The bookcase wall adds tons of storage space as well as an impressive upper desk area. A bookcase ladder allows you to reach all the shelves of the wall all the way to the ceiling. The impressive windows allow natural light to flow in and brightens up the living room where there is an L shaped couch and 2 accent chairs with a small table in the center. This large attic space has enough room for a long counter in the kitchen and large stove. The odd ceiling does not stand out because of the strategically placed furnishing in this amazing attic apartment.

The wonderful light suspended from the ceiling adds a touch of class atop a large kitchen table. The skylight in the ceiling brings in more natural light and adds more style to the room, taking away from the oddly shaped ceiling. There is even enough room for a comfortable sized bed and two cribs for the little ones. The small size bathroom has the essentials and the outdoor terrace makes this attic apartment feel like home.






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5. Rustic look


This rustic attic apartment looks bigger than it is due to the wooden beams throughout. This attic is not wide, but it is long. A long couch, small tv and green plants spread throughout make this attic apartment feel roomy, cozy, and like home. A lack of clutter is what really makes this apartment look so amazing and the perfect placement of lighting and accent furniture is perfect.

6. Making the most of it


The designer of this teeny tiny attic apartment had to be creative and strategically place the little bit of furniture they do have. A small kitchen area houses the tiny stove,sink, and small fridge. The bed is placed at the opposite end to make it appear as if it is a separate room and the choice of a small bed makes the room appear a little larger than it is. The tny table and two chair set give you a place to dine under the light, is out of the way and uses the odd space wonderfully/ The slanted ceiling leaves room for two large ceiling fans that make sure this small space does not get too hot.

Slanted walls creates a larger feel


This attic apartment is small, with slanted walls, but has a high ceiling pitch. This helps to make the room appear larger and adds for higher and more storage space. With one wall use as a built-in storage space, there is plenty of room to store your things. A desk built into the wall is an excellent place to sit and work or do your homework. You could even grab a bite to eat there.

Minimalist Creativity test


Although small, this designer put their creativeness to the test. Using the slanted and oddly shaped walls and ceiling to their advantage, a large bed was placed in the bedroom to give the feeling of comfort. Even better, a narrow but long tub with colorful lighting makes this attic apartment worth it.  How did they get a pool in there???

Odd shaped wonder


This attic apartment designer was able to use the odd shape of the attic to create a separate bedroom. The slanted ceiling would make this room look very small, but with rustic wooden beams, there is an added touch of character and draws away from the smallness. The use of a loveseat instead of a full couch makes the room seem proportionately sized. The addition of a glass doorway to the tiny bedroom gives the illusion of an open space and doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic.

Windows on the world


The windows in this attic apartment are what makes it an amazing apartment.  The designer virtually lined an entire wall with windows and place an island with bar stools near it. The couch is in an L shape and fits perfectly beneath the attic skylight that lets in light.


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