10 U.S. Cities with the Most Undeveloped Land


When one thinks of a city, the first thought that comes to mind is the skyscrapers and narrow streets. This creates a conundrum for most developers who want to invest in cities due to the economic viability, but they fail to get any land that has yet to be developed.

In most cases, developers have to buy land that has already been previously developed, and this increases the cost of purchase. It is also quite difficult to construct on developed land since the new constructions have to be based on the existing infrastructure.

Most investors preferred clean slate. Even though this is hard to come by in popular cities like San Francisco and New York, there are some cities in the United States that have a lot of undeveloped land around the city that can be used by investors to set up businesses or invest in real estate.

In addition to this, the presence of undeveloped land lowers the price of the investment. It is important to not only look at the presence of land, but the expected return on investment.

Here are the top 10 cities with the most undeveloped land

San Antonio, Texas

Texas as a state has the most land under farmland. It is no surprise that it has one of the cities with the largest undeveloped land. San Antonio has a lot of scrub land around the two which is prime for anyone who wants to buy land either for the development of for home ownership.

The third largest city in Texas is number one. An abundance of military bases and proximity to Mexico make this one of the most popular tourist destinations. This makes it a prime area for investment with enough real estate that is undeveloped.

Des Moines, Iowa

The city is located to the east of Omaha. It is normally around two hours to get to the area. The City is undergoing one of its major booms with many companies investing in real estate. The boom has attracted a lot of technology businesses.

However, most of the real estate development has been done around the center of the city. The suburbs are still mostly undeveloped with a lot of land available for the right price. The rise in popularity of the city with technology businesses is bound to increase the growth.

This is the best time to purchase land in the city with numerous pastures and cornfields still available.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas is recognized as the home of Superman, and the idea of farmland is one of the most notable aspects of the city. Kansas is a large city with a vibrant economy, but it has a lot of farmland. The city itself is developed, but there are a lot of farms around that offer investors prime real estate at low costs.

The best thing about Kansas is that most of the land is owned by individuals, and this makes the process of purchase less complicated as compared to state-owned or conservation land.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is another city that has its roots as a cattle city. This means that ranching was one of the main activities in the area. Most people owned large farms to allow them to develop ranches. Even after the oil boom that arose later on, there still a lot of undeveloped land.

The city center is densely populated, but there are numerous ranches and idle land that has been left to family members who preferred something else other than farming. The suburbs are less densely populated, in line with the Oklahoma way of life.

Therefore, Tulsa is one of the most affordable cities to invest in with a lot of undeveloped land for any would-be investors.

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is well known as the hometown of Warren Buffet. However, it is one of the least populated cities in the United States. The Missouri River waterfront offers one of the best real estate areas around the region with a lot of undeveloped land.

Additionally, Nebraska has a lot of people who prefer suburban homes and farms giving investors a large access to privately owned land that is relatively undeveloped. The farms around the city offer more real estate for anyone who wants to make an investment that requires a lot of space.

Memphis, Tennessee

One cannot talk about the undeveloped land around cities without mentioning Memphis. Even though this is the second largest city in Tennessee based on population, the city is located in the heart of the Tennessee, food plains and bluffs.

The largest undeveloped land around the areas is located along the eastern side of the Mississippi near Arkansas. The popularity of ranching also means that the average size of farms is quite large giving investors an opportunity to get large undeveloped pieces of land at very low costs.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is a city with two sides that provide both affordable real estate as well as a vibrant economy. The petroleum industry makes it one of the most economically stable cities in the state. However, the location in the Great Plains region provides an abundance of farmland and undeveloped land that can be used for expansion.

Within the city center, there is little land that is undeveloped, but the suburbs have a lot of ranches and farms owned by private individuals this makes it a prime investment area for people looking for undeveloped land near a vibrant city.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln City is another city in Nebraska that offers an alternative to Omaha. One of the key differences is that Lincoln is not along the Missouri River. Instead, the city was initially home to indigenous people, but it was later occupied by the village of Lancaster.

The abundance of salt was one of the main reasons for the selection of the site as a prime location. The city has been developed, but there is a lot of land around the suburbs. However, the northern side has encroached on Tiger Beetle, and the south side offers a better growth area.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is situated in the heart of Indiana State. This makes it the transportation hub of the state. From the city, one can locate most of the other cities nearby. The growth as a transportation hub has meant most of the city has remained relatively undeveloped.

Indianapolis is one of the few states that still has patches of rural neighborhoods within the city. The abundance of undeveloped or semi-developed land along with good road infrastructure make it one of the coveted real estate areas in the State.

Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama is one of the states with industrial roots. This means that a lot of the city is developed to cater for the steel industry. Despite the still vibrant steel industry, Birmingham offers good real estate along the Appalachian Mountains.

Many real estate developers are scrambling to take advantage of the low cost of land as well as the large rental spaces. There is still a substantial amount of land that is undeveloped. The rock- bottom prices are also quite an attraction for most investors.


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