The Top 10 U.S. Cities For Millennials


Whether you call them Generation Y, today’s Internet Generation, or Millennials, today’s young generation has distinct ideas about what makes a city a great place to live. The city needs to be “wired”, have a good number of tech jobs, and have fun things to do on a budget. Moving out of mom and dad’s basement takes special incentive, and some cities in the US have many, if not all of the features the millennial generation craves.

Some cities attract a younger population due to existing jobs; however, some companies are relocating to certain cities that already have an educated, young workforce. Businesses that keep their mind on the bottom line are strategically planning to go where the millennials are, and it’s not just employment opportunities that attract the young. Today’s young person on the move looks for a town where they can help facilitate social change and be part of a community, no matter how large the population.

Here are the top 10 U.S. cities for millennials.

Austin, TX

You can’t beat Austin for sunny year round weather and fun things to do. It’s the live music capital of the world and features festivals, attractions and has all of the big city lights, yet has a laid back attitude. It’s very different now than the Austin featured in the 1991 film Slacker, but it has enough “weirdness” left to make it an eclectic place to live. While other city’s employment growth has slowed to a crawl, Austin has plenty to offer for techies. According to The Austin Business Journal article, How the tech sector is leading Austin’s jobs boom, recent stats show thatAustin has a much higher proportion oftech jobs as compared tothe national average.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is continuing to make a comeback, and is one of the best places for millennials to find jobs, with unemployment stats below the national average. Rents are high, however, with jobs in oil refineries, hosptiatlity, tourism,as well as the tech sector,  “The Big Easy” made the list of Time’s 10 Places Millennials Are Moving For Bigger Paychecks. With all the fun jazz clubs and outdoor activities, New Orleans gives Generation Y a way to earn money and plenty of places to spend it.

Cambridge, MA

Home of the prestigious Harvard University, Cambridge is convincing more and more millennial to stick around after college. With an unemployment rate of just 4.3%, this city made’s list of The Best Places for Business and Careers. With plenty of cultureas well aslots of people under 30 to party with, who wouldn’t want to live in this historic city.

Denver, CO

Denver topped the Forbes List as the best spot for millennials and one of the best locations for businesses to find a young, educated work force. It is attractive to those who want to enjoy a vibrant city vibe, located next to the most breathtaking natural wonders and scenery. For those who love outdoor sports year round, Denver is the place to be.

New York /Manhattan and surrounding boroughs:

These areas are still attracting millennials who hope to make it in business, as well as the performing arts. Although unemployment is still high, and so are the rents, many members of Generation Y still move there hoping for their big break. Moving to New York to become famous as a performer may seem like a pipe dream; however, it’s still a great place to get started as a working actor, according to Forbes.

The article recommends signing up for acting classes as soon as you hit town, so millennials should save up some cash before making the move, or arrange to borrow from their trust fund (although after the latest recession, it’s unlikely many will have one) The city is easy to navigate, you don’t need a car, and there are still tech and finance jobs to be had if you have the skills in demand. The culture can’t be beat and many young people are willing to live with one or several roommates to take advantage of everything this diverse town has to offer.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah has attracted a vast population of millennials after 2010, when the pioneer city became wired and The University of Utah attracted a diverse population of students, according to The city is hoping to attract more young, tech savvy workers to fill tech jobs that are growing in this area.

Dallas, TX

Another wired Texas city that is getting their share of new young residents is Dallas. In 2014,it was announced that Texas ranks as fastest-growing state for tech jobs in 2014, according to Biz Journals, with Dallas, Houston and Austin leading the way.

San Francisco, CA

Although rents are sky high, The Huffington Post rated San Francisco one of the best cities for millennials due to the plethora of tech jobs and tech start ups. Silicon Valley is still a thriving area, with many of the major internet companies making their home in San Francisco. Add in the all of the cultural events and laid back atmosphere, and it’s an attractive home for anyone who can afford to live there.

Orlando, FL

As the home of Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios, Orlando has a thriving tourist trade, and just the right mix of diversity with young hipsters and elderly retirees.For first time home buyers, there are still great deals fora relatively low price. Orlando has great weather and countless opportunities for Gen Y’s who want to make a difference. Florida’s aging population and snowbirds also facilitate growth in the health care field, whether it be direct care jobs or in the growing field of medical technology. Orlando also has the lowest unemployment rate of just 4.5%, according to Orlando The rents are far less than other big cities and it’s a short car ride to Cocoa Beach.

Atlanta, GA

Real estate brokers are carefully following the home buying trends of millennials, and right now Atlanta has a winning combination of affordable housing, jobs and nightlife. Dubbed now as “Hotlanta”, the fabulous southern vibe, as well as the number of movies and TV shows now filmed in this once sleepy city, has made it one of the best cities for millennials.


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