10 Bed Canopies That Will Look Great in Your Room

Popular for centuries, bed canopies have been a long-standing decoration with origins in medieval Europe. Initially designed for practical purposes such as privacy and keeping out bugs, bed canopies have since become a decorative addition to many beds. Some people may be under the impression that only people with four-poster beds can have canopies but that isn’t the case. Many modern canopies have been designed to work well with any type of bed – adding a new level of flexibility. Adding a canopy to your bed can give your room a new level of elegance and style. Take a look at 10 canopies that will look great in your room.

Goplus 4 Corner Post Bed Canopy Mosquito Net

Designed to work with a four poster bed, this canopy will transform your bed into the beautiful “palace you have always dreamed of”.

GYBest Round Lace Curtain Dome Bed Canopy

A dome design allows this canopy to be used with almost any type of bed. In addition to looking great, it can also keep mosquitos at bay while you sleep.

Boho & Beach Bed Canopy Mosquito Net Curtains with Feathers and Stars

Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy bed canopies. This cool canopy features feathers and stars and can be the perfect addition to a small child’s room.

Circular Mosquito Netting Diamond Canopy

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this bold black canopy is durable and practical and perfect for keeping out mosquitoes or simply adding some flair to your space.

M&M Mymoon Girls Bed Canopy

This item is made from high-quality cotton and offers a fantasy like atmosphere for any child who steps inside.

Uarter Boho Princess Mosquito Net Bed Canopy Girls Mosquito Net

If you’re looking for a cool way to add a pop of color to a bed, utilizing a canopy might just be the way to do that.

Just Relax Four Corner Post Elegant Mosquito Net Bed Canopy

This beautiful canopy will enhance your bedroom’s decor by giving your bed a lavish sense of privacy.

Sinotop Luxury Princess Bed Net Canopy Round Hoop Netting

If you want to give your little girl the princess bedroom she’s always dreamed of, this bed canopy is just what you need to make her space extra special.

Octorose ® 4 Poster Bed Canopy Functional Mosquito Net

Made to fit a full, queen, or king sized bed, this mosquito net is the perfect combination of simple and elegant.

Superbuy Elegant Ruffle Lace Bed Canopy Mosquito Netting Dome Princess

Who says you don’t deserve to sleep like a king or queen? This beautiful lace bed canopy will give you just that. 


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