20 Of The Most Beautiful Canopy Bed Curtains

canopy bed with pink curtain

Canopy beds have been popular for centuries, and they were once seen as status symbols for royalty and other wealthy citizens. These days, canopy beds are more so symbols of style than anything else, but they’re still sought after for bedrooms all over the world. While some people prefer an open look, canopy bed curtains can be the perfect accessories for your bed. Adding curtains not only gives the bed a new layer of privacy, but it also adds a touch of elegance. If you’re ever seen a canopy bed with curtains, you probably couldn’t help but notice it. On top of that, there are several things you can do with canopy bed curtains to help give your bed the look you want. Take a look at 20 of the most beautiful canopy bed curtains.

beautiful wooden canopy bed with curtain

Canopy beds are an especially good fit for larger and more lavish bedroom spaces. This beautiful wooden bed acts as the center piece of the room.

image via Resolve40.com

beautiful canopy bed with white sheet

While some people want canopy bed curtains for practical purposes, others see them simply as a stylish addition. If you’re going simply for style, thin curtains like these can be a great fit.

image via rilane.com

beautiful bedroom with canopy bed

When it comes to bedrooms, creating the perfect atmosphere is key. Your bedroom should be your special place where you can go to get away from the world.

image via midcityeast.com

diy canopy bed curtains for kids room

Although canopy beds may seem like they’re only suitable for adults. They can also be a good fit for children’s rooms as well.

image via iconhomedesign.com

large canopy bed with white curtain

If you want to wake up and feel like you’re on vacation every day, draping your canopy bed curtains can help yo achieve that feeling.

image via houzz.com

copy bed for romantic mood

One of the great things about canopy beds is that they come in a wide variety. This means that you won’t have much trouble finding one that fits your existing style.

image via freshome.com

four poster bed with curtain

If you prefer wood over a metal or steel frame, you’re in luck. Classic wooden canopy beds are a timeless piece of furniture.

image via freshdesignpedia.com

white french canopy bed

White canopy bed curtains are a great way to achieve a clean and classic look while also keeping things simple.

image via decorpad.com

lovely simple canopy bed with white curtain

Canopy beds may seem like ‘too much’ for some people, but the truth is they can fit more casual environments as well.

image via bobvila.com

bedroom with wooden ceiling and ceiling fan

There’s nothing like waking up to the sun on a beautiful day. Thin canopy bed curtains allow soft light to pass through.

image via freshome.com

minimalist bedroom with canopy bed

This simple canopy bed has a design that is elegant and relaxed. The white bed spread and curtain provides the perfect contrast against the wood floor.

image via houzz.com

beautiful bedroom with high ceilings

Some people have doubts that a canopy bed can be masculine. However, darker colored materials can help add a more masculine appearances.

image via RussWittmann.com

lavish canopy bed with decorative pillows

Gold and white are great colors for making a space feel luxurious and beautiful. This canopy bed combines them both to create a stunning piece of furniture.

image iva humideas.com

four poster canopy bed

This square canopy bed features curtains on just three sides. This is a great option for people who don’t want to feel fully enclosed in their bed.

image via shedbar.us

bedroom with wooden interior

Bedrooms with high ceilings are an especially good fit for canopy beds because of their larger size.

image via ideart.us

modern bed canopy

Whether you want to keep your canopy bed curtains opened or closed, there are several different options for tying them up.

image via decoist.com

canopy bed with large white curtain

With a bed like this, rest and relaxation are sure to come easy every night.

image via Memorabledecor.com

canopy bed with large white droopy curtain

This canopy bed shifts from the traditional four poster design and opts for a floating look instead.

image via diynetwork.com

elegant bedroom with wood floor

A thin metal frame gives this bed a minimalist look that is brought to life by a beautiful hanging lamp.

image via houzz.com

beautiful four poster bed

If you love headboard, don’t worry – having a canopy bed doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice having a headboard.

image via designingidea.com
lead image via bedding.lovetoknow.com


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