10 Beautiful Living Rooms with Brown Walls


Home decor is mainly perceived as a matter of choice, or what is functional. Color psychology indicates that the colors you use in your home can have profound effects on the mood of yourself, your family, and your guests. Leslie Harrington, a noted expert on the use of color, states “What color you paint your walls isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a tool that can be used to affect emotions and behaviors.” Some hues work better than others at setting the mood of the living space.

Earth tones like brown and its various hues work well with warm tones like reds, yellows, and oranges. These colors in the living room stimulate conversation. They produce feelings of warmth and encourage connections with others. Brown tones are perfect backgrounds for all design styles. By pairing brown with richer tones or pops of color, you can have a living room with style and flair that sets a warm and friendly mood.

The following living rooms show how brown walls contribute to a beautiful living room.

1. Brown but Bold


When a room is painted in dark hues of brown, it can be very cozy and inviting, just like a freshly baked brownie. Adding some colorful candy to a brownie makes it eye-catching. The same idea applies to this room. Adding a pop of bright, bold colors for accents make the room come alive. The bold accent pillows bring a pop of fun. Using light bulbs that produce a warm yellow glow adds to the ambiance. Incorporating the bright orange abstract artwork adds an appealing look.

2. Traditional Living Room


This room features different hues of brown. The walls are a unique shade of brown with pink hues. The color of the walls is a perfect canvas for dark mahogany accent tables and plush medium brown sofas and chair. The area rug unites all of the brown hues with its light brown background and pink hues. The unique wall color enlivens the traditional furnishings of a living room. These colors produce the feelings that we traditionally associate with a living room, warmth and relaxation.

3. Gradient Shades


The light shades of brown in this room produce a feeling of tranquility. Various shades of brown on the accent wall adds a feeling of lightness to the room. The room uses shades of brown from the ceiling to the floor. The hues of brown vary and gradually darken. The darker wooden floor adds richness to the room. This room refutes the idea that using brown makes a space feel smaller.

4. Wood and Brick


Barn wood siding adorns the walls in this living room. It has natural lighter and darker patches in the wood. The fireplace is encased in wood with a wooden mantel. The furniture is chocolate brown, with the exception of one chair that is a light beige. For additional personality, the room has a reddish brick floor. The area provides layers of color coordination with shades of rust, orange, and navy.The vase of white flowers and the lighter wall art adds a contrast that catches the eye. This room sets the perfect atmosphere for family gatherings.

5. Brown and Full of Light


The focus on brown and white is very obvious. According to Better Homes and Gardens, white contrasts and enhances brown. The white sofas and white trimmed windows produce a feeling of light and happiness. The fireplace focuses on contrasting brown and white. The white arch above the mantel is a focal point in the room. The white lanterns on each side of the brown mantel shows how these colors enhance each other. The area rug and the matching piano bench add just a splash of color. The white trim, window and white beams add to the feeling of a light filled room. Some people equate brown with darkness. This rooms shows that the opposite is true.

6. Contemporary and Spacious


This design is for people who love spaciousness and a desert feel. The brown walls feature different textures and tones of brown. Wood, leather, and metal are the main materials used in the room. The room is very open. The furnishings feature angles and geometric shapes. The tall green plant is the perfect accent for additional interest. This room is an example of minimalist decor featuring shades of brown.

7. Traditional with Fun Touches


This room features dark chocolate brown walls. The brick fireplace is encased with white trim. The furnishings of the room bring incorporate fun colors. One sofa is gray, and the other sofa has various shades of brown and gray designs. Red is used in this room to add a fun touch. The red chair and the red trim on the pillows add quite a punch to the room. The cocktail table with its curved design can serve as a conversation starter. This traditional room shows a lot of personality.

8. Dark Brown Adds Sophistication


Darker walls create a more sophisticated atmosphere even in small spaces. The neutral colors in the furniture, lamps, and accessories keep the space from feeling small. The neutral scheme allows for touches of bright colors that pop, such as the green plants. The assortment of pillows in different textures and hues adds pizzazz to the white sofa. Chocolate accents and rich wood tables unite the color schemes. To lighten and liven up the dark wall, the white plates are placed around the painting to form a focal point. The white lamps with the chocolate brown stripe helps to add consistency to the decor. The Persian rug adds richness to the decor. This room pulls off a modern and sophisticated look due to the effects of a brown wall and an effective color scheme.

9. Regal and Luxurious


When you walk into this living room, it is like being transported to a palace in France. A rich, luxurious look permeates the entire room, and the whole room uses a few shades of brown except for the tufted beige sofa, or you may think of it as tan (which is a shade of brown). The walls are covered with rich brown hues. One wall has a very dark brown background. It is covered with pieces of artwork that is painted or sketched with various hues of brown. There is a wooden cocktail table. The curtains are almost the same shade as the walls and floor. The lighting in the room is extravagant. It consists of large low hanging chandeliers. This living room truly shows that a living room with all brown walls is breath-taking.

10. Soothing Brown


This living room uses mainly two colors. The walls are a medium shade of brown, and the trim is a creamy beige. A taupe sofa holds accent pillows that use various patterns and different hues of brown and beige. An oversized ottoman with a brown background and beige flowers is a dominant feature in the room. Abstract paintings in darker shades of brown accent the medium hue of the wall. These colors blend into a soothing palette.


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