10 Beautiful Fall Accents for the Kitchen


Pumpkin, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon are spices that we strongly associate with fall. With all of the delicious smells from cooking your fall favorites, the kitchen tends to become the focal center of your home. Your family and friends gravitate to this special area in your home. It provides a feeling of comfort and rejuvenation. Let your kitchen reflect and celebrate the wonderful season of autumn. Incorporate the vibrant colors of fall in your kitchen with fall accents.

This refreshes your kitchen just like the cool feel of fall refreshes everything around us. Fall is a season in which nature shows off her beauty. With the addition of some beautiful fall accents your kitchen reflects your appreciation of nature. Also, these accents liven up your kitchen. You do not need to do a complete redo of your decor. Adding just a few touches, changes the mood of your kitchen. If you wish to decorate every place possible, then there are plenty of ideas for inspiration. Think about your personal style and budget when choosing fall accents.

The following ten kitchen accents enhance your fall theme:

1. Fall Lanterns


Lanterns are popular for decor at this time. They are on display at many stores. For decor use in the kitchen, they are perfect for placing on countertops. You can purchase lanterns that are completely decorated with fall items. Some lanterns have fall colored candles that are different sizes. You can buy a basic lantern and add your own touches, such as leaves, nuts, or mini-pumpkins. The type of candles (LED or real flames) determine the items that you use for decor. If you use flames, your items need to be arranged around the outside of the lantern. With LED candles, you are able to place leaves, dried berries, or nuts inside the lantern. You may choose to not use candles. Then, you are able to stuff the lantern with an assortment of fall items.

2. Fall Harvest on a Tiered Stand


Sometimes with decorating, you are able to use some items you already have and add seasonal touches. For this accent, you need to visit a vegetable market or grocery store and buy small pumpkins, different types of squash, and colored corn. Seasonal fruits, like apples and pears, work well. Place the items on the tiers. This accent works well in a corner.

3. Pumpkin on a Cake Stand


It does not get any easier than this. Simply place a nice, round pumpkin on a cake plate with a pedestal. You can make it more festive by spreading fall leaves around it. Also, you can add intricate designs with a template and black paint. This is sure to catch the attention of visitors.

4. Fall Groupings Above the Cabinets


If you have empty space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, then you have a perfect place for displaying seasonal decor. It is the perfect place to display items that you do not want to get accidentally broken. Some professional interior designers recommend grouping similar items together for a cohesive look, leaving a moderate amount of space, and do another grouping of similar items. You continue this pattern from one end to the last one. The empty space allows for the “eyes to rest”. Some groupings that you can use are: displaying fall dinnerware, vases of different heights with silk flowers, and artificial pumpkins made from different materials. You can use ceramic pumpkins, plastic pumpkins, or twisted vines. All of these decor items can be used from September to Thanksgiving.

5. Harvest Island


If you can only decorate one area in your kitchen, then the island is the perfect place. Islands are often centrally located in the kitchen. Your decor is visible from all directions. A wooden tray on the island holds vases filled with branches of fall leaves. You can use natural branches or branches from a craft store, add a candle, and place a few little pumpkins on the tray.

6. Fall Sayings for the Fridge or Chairs


Even with all of the technology that we use for communication today, the door on the refrigerator remains the central hub for keeping in touch with the family. You can add some notes and items to the fridge’s door that refer to fall. There are a couple of ways to spread fall joy. You can use a small chalkboard or dry erase board that is magnetized. You can erase and write a new phrase every couple of days. You can also use any type of paper. If you have children, they can help you with additional ideas for the fridge. Websites for teachers are excellent sources for finding short phrases, such as, “We’re nuts about fall!”

7. The Pot Rack


This is often a forgotten item to decorate. You need to use extra care when you remove and return a pot. Adding decor to the pot rack adds an interesting touch. Placing leaf garland around the pot rack adds a pop of fall color. An alternative approach is to let several pieces of garland hang down to represent falling leaves. If you want to use natural leaves, you can tie them to pieces of fishing line. Attach the lines to the pot rack. This provides a whimsical and interesting look.

8. Shelves that Display Nature


Any shelving in your kitchen or a baker’s rack provides a place to display items from nature that reflect fall. Pine cones on a shelf or in a basket add a touch of nature. Adding dishes that are red, orange, yellow, or green adds a splash of fall colors.

9. Apples and Sunflowers


Some people prefer to use one theme through out their home for decorating. Using apples and sunflowers is one theme for fall. To enhance a rustic feel, you can place the sunflowers in a galvanized or metal bucket. This serves as a centerpiece. Apples are used as part of a place setting or placed in baskets at various places in the kitchen.

10. Kitchen Linens


This is the most obvious way to accent your kitchen with fall colors. Tablecloths, table runners, hand towels, dish towels, and pot holders are available in coordinating sets or you can mix and match. This is a fast and easy way to get started with your kitchen accents. If you want to add a DIY touch, you can sew hand towels together to make your own unique table runner.

With the cooler weather of autumn, it is so pleasing to be in a cozy environment. Adding fall accents to your kitchen makes it more welcoming. Changing decor to greet a new season is fun. It needs to reflect your style and meet your needs. You can incorporate fall accents into your existing decor. Remember, there are many items in nature that you can use for a fall or harvest theme.


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