20 Beautiful Bathroom Designs With Wooden Tubs

beautiful wooden bath tub

In many homes, the bathroom doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Although these rooms serve a very practical purpose, bathrooms aren’t typically a place where people are heavily focused on style. Of course, most people would like their bathroom to look nice, but anything above and beyond the bare minimum may seem unnecessary to some. With that being said, however, bathrooms — like any other room — are at their best when they’re full of fun and beautiful style.

What better way to bring some awesome design ideas into your bathroom than to add a wooden bath tub. Although most people aren’t used to seeing tubs made of wood, these unique fixtures can really bring your bathroom to the next level. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, wooden bath tubs are versatile and exciting. These tubs can also come in different shades, and can blend in well with the exiting style of your space. If it’s time to give your bathroom a bit of a facelift – these ideas can help you see some of the stunning possibilities.

Here are 20 beautiful bathroom designs with wooden tubs.

wooden shell free standing bath tub

image via www.trendir.com

small freestanding wooden bath tub

image via www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

decorative wooden bath tub

image via bathtubs.persiamag.com

gorgeous large wooden bath tub

image via www.unmotivating.com

light colored wooden bath tub

image via www.architectureartdesigns.com

wooden laguna bathtub

image via studioprzedmiotu.pl

unique square wooden bath tub

image via bathtubs.persiamag.com

oval shaped wooden bath tub

image via https://www.pinterest.com/source/nkwoodworking.com

pearl wooden bathtub

image via decoist.com

wooden square bath tub

image via hgtv.com

wooden bathtub with glass sides

image via maisonvalentina.net

modern bathroom with wooden tub

image via adorable-home.com

all wood bathroom with wooden tub

image via luxurybathrooms.eu

wooden bathtub on wooden platform

image via designsmaz.com

beautiful wooden bathtub with a great view

image via laukins.com

wooden bath tub with claw feet

image via homeandfurnituregallery.com

black bathroom with oval shaped wooden tub

image via drawhome.com

gray bathroom with wood tub

image via hdreno.wordpress.com

uniquely shaped modern wooden bath tub

image via houzz.com

bathroom with glass shower and wooden tub

image via www.mmarchitecturalphotography.com

lead image via bathtubs.persiamag.com


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