5 Things Only People From Pittsburgh PA Will Understand

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Often overshadowed by Philadelphia, Pittsburgh PA is a place that many people don’t know much about. Sure, the city’s  sports teams are known by fans all over – but outside of that, lots of people don’t know the first thing about Pittsburgh. However, Pittsburgh is a very unique city that has a culture all of its own. In fact, if you’ve ever been to Pittsburgh, you probably a noticed a few things. For example, Pittsburgh, has its own way of speaking and doing things that may seem strange to outsiders. But if there’s one thing no one can ever take away from Pittsburghers, it’s that they’ve got lots of pride for their city, and they aren’t afraid to let the whole world know. Read here for 5 things only people from Pittsburgh PA will understand.


sign of pittsburghese

One of the hardest thing for people who aren’t from Pittsburgh to understand is Pittsburghese. The city has its very own dialect that includes lots of phrases that may sound strange to outsiders. For example, in place of saying “you” or “your” people from Pittsburgh often say “yinz” or “yunz.” Other words and phrases you’re likely to hear in Pittsburgh include “slippy” in place of “slippery” and “redd up” instead of “get ready.”

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Chipped Ham

Chipped Ham by Cleo Coyle

If you live in most other parts of the country, you probably eat your ham sliced. However, people in Pittsburgh love their chipped ham. Chipped ham is incredibly thinly sliced and can be served on sandwiches or also in a popular western Pennsylvania dish called ham barbecue which is made from chipped ham marinated with barbecue sauce in a slow cooker.

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You Better Root For The Stillers

pittsburgh stealers player

If you’re not from Pittsburgh, you probably refer to the city’s football team as the Stealers. After all, that’s what all the jerseys and team paraphernalia say. However, in Pittsburgh, the team is called the Stillers – and the locals love them. Even when they’re not having winning seasons.

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It’s All About Sheetz

exterior view of sheetz

In most places, eating food from a gas station is a little weird. However, people in Pennsylvania seem to love it. In Philadelphia it’s all about Wawa, but in Pittsburgh, it’s all about sheets. This popular gas station/convenience store combo offers made to order food and plenty of snacks and beverages.

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If You Don’t Like Pierogies, You Should Probably Live Somewhere Else

plate of pierogies

There are lots of popular food dishes in Pittsburgh, but none seems to have won over hearts like Pierogies. This popular Polish dish, which consists of dumplings filled with mashed potatoes, is definitely a local favorite. You can find pierogies almost everywhere in Pittsburgh, and if you don’t love them – you’ll definitely grow to.

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