5 Reasons Atlanta Georgia Is A Great Place For Millennials To Live

Traffic crawls through downtown Atlanta

There was once a time when Atlanta Georgia was nothing more than a relatively sleepy southern city, but those days are long gone. Over the last several years, Atlanta Georgia has become a booming and attractive place that draws people in from all over the country. Now, when people think of Georgia, Atlanta is the first place that comes to mind. Millennials have an especially close relationship with the city, and many young people see ATL as the perfect place to relocate. But what makes this place such a great location for young people looking to strike out on their own? Here are 5 reasons Atlanta Georgia is a great place for millennials to live.


If you want to live in a city without breaking the bank, Atlanta Georgia is definitely a place you’ll want to consider. Compared to many other major cities, the cost of living in Atlanta is very affordable. This is a perk that everyone would appreciate, but for many millennials, affordability is at the very top of the priority list.

Night Life

Many millennials like to go out and enjoy a night of dancing and drinking with friends. Atlanta Georgia is a great place for people who like to do just that. The city’s nightlife scene has a lot to offer and there’s a little something for everyone.

Job OpportunitiesĀ 

It’s true that the unemployment rate in Atlanta is nearly 6%, which is higher than average, the city does still have some great job opportunities. People looking to work in journalism or entertainment may find that Atlanta Georgia is the right place to be to catch a ‘big break.’

Lots of Activities

Whether you enjoy visiting museums or getting outside and staying active, there is plenty of things to do in Atlanta Georgia. From parks to restaurants, finding a fun way to spend a beautiful day will never be too hard, and there is a little something for people of all ages. On top of that, Atlanta is home to several professional sports teams which means you’ll have someone to root for all year-round.

Cheap Flights

As the home of the busiest airport in the country, flying in and out of Atlanta Georgia is usually pretty easy – and typically inexpensive. This is not only great for planning vacations, but if you’re moving to Atlanta from another state, you can feel comfortable that it’ll never be too difficult to catch a flight home.

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