Four Things You Absolutely Need Before Starting Your Next Remodeling Project

There’s often a certain amount of stress involved in any home remodeling project. By doing some pre-planning, though, your project can proceed more smoothly and in a less stressful manner.  The last thing you need before you even get to the actual work of remodeling is there to be an issue beforehand.  But what exactly should you be doing?  We’re here to help. Here are some things that you need to do before you start that next project.

Have a Disposal Plan

You know before you ever start remodeling that there’s going to be debris that will need to be disposed of. That part is obvious. Before you even start, make arrangements to rent a dumpster.  There are many places out there like Tri-State Disposal that will be okay with you using the dumpster to collect debris such as roofing material, sheetrock, insulation and other such things that are typically thrown out in a remodel. Renting a dumpster can be a wise move as it can actually help your remodel to be as organized as possible.

Doing so can also help make it safer too as you probably will not have to worry too much about stepping on nails, glass and other sharp things as much as you will, hopefully, be throwing those items away in the dumpster. To help make sure that this happens, have the dumpster be easily accessible to everyone by having it parked in the driveway or set up in the front yard.

Gather the Tools You Need

Chances are that you will not have the assortment of tools you need to complete a remodeling project. Of course, that is unless you’ve already invested in all of those tools. For a big project like this, you’re going to need more than the standard hammer and saw. You’ll need power tools too. That can be pricey, and so it’s best to consider budget-friendly options such as renting—especially if you probably won’t ever need to use those tools after your project. It’s also likely that you won’t need some of those tools after your project is complete.

Remodeling projects go much more smoothly when you have the proper tools to do the specific jobs your project requires. Using the proper tools is also a safer way to proceed with a project. This is because each tool is meant to fulfill a different purpose. If you use a tool for a purpose that it isn’t intended to be used for, then you are putting it at risk of being damaged and yourself at risk for getting hurt.


Before you even begin a remodeling project, you need to check and double check to see that you have the supplies that you are going to need. A lot of time can be wasted having to run to the store to get items you forgot or didn’t purchase enough of. There’s also the chance that certain materials will not be immediately available. This can mess up your projected time frame for completing your project.

To help with this, set aside a part of your backyard as a place to gather materials in the weeks leading up to the big project. Have all of your wood stacked there, your paints, and everything else that you will need as you are able to buy them. Just make sure to cover them with a tarp as to prevent any damage happening from the weather. If it’s too wet outside, then you may need to use a spare bedroom inside to set aside these items.

Permits & Planning

When you’re planning a remodeling project, your main focus may be on the budget, the time frame, material selection and on arranging assistance for portions of the project that you can’t complete alone. In the beginning of your project, use a calendar to plan out what you will do each day. Set reasonable goals for each day so that you know what needs to get done that can contribute to the overall project.

This will help you get things done within a certain time frame. However, you really can’t even start doing anything without first getting the proper permits that may be required for the type of project that you are planning. Securing the proper permits can help you avoid fines and delays. Along with this idea, you may need to get special permission from your HOA or landlord to even start the project (these things should be done before you buy any materials or rent any tools).

If the beginning steps of your remodeling project go smoothly, that can set the tone for the entire project. Pre-planning can reduce the stress associated with remodeling. If problems do occur, remind yourself of how great the completed project will be.

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Written by Hannah Whittenly