3 Convenience Projects To Add To Your Home Building Plans

When it comes to the home, convenience is very much the companion to luxury. When the qualities of your structure are convenient, well-planned, and organized, quality of life is always better. In that same spirit of progress, let’s take a look at some great home convenience projects that are meant to maximize convenience and eliminate frustration and inefficiencies. Here are three top projects to consider.


Attic Addition

Many homes are built with a usable attic space but without proper access or other elements of functionality. Aside from temperature control, one can actually quite simply take control of this valuable space by adding elements such as pull-down attic stairs, flooring, and lights. Pull-down stairs are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Flooring only needs to consist of pieces of screwed-down plywood, and electricity for lights is generally accessible at many points throughout the attic. In the end, making your attic space fully usable is quite the remarkable homeowner’s convenience and not too tough to conquer.


Programmable Thermostats

Most people have heard of this one. Even further, many people already have programmable thermostats but do not use them properly for one reason or another. However, the convenience of these home wares is worthy of follow-up and scores high, courtesy of temperature control automation as well as the energy savings associated with it.


For those without such thermostatic controls, it is highly recommended that you check with your local heating and cooling service to have one installed. If you have one already but are unsure as to how best to use it, refer to the manual that was included with the unit, or contact a heating and cooling service for additional assistance. In the end, not taking advantage of this simple convenience project is a true tragedy, even in the financial sense of the word.


Utility Area Partition

In some homes, the utility area can be quite expansive and less than an aesthetic sight. Wires, pipes, gauges, the hot water heater, and more – all of this necessary clutter begs for its own section or partition. Not only does said equipment become visually concealed this way, but it also becomes more protected, in its own little area, from outside bumps and business.


To get this project started, it’s first a good idea to be sure that all equipment has been installed by professional service providers like Rakeman Plumbing and is up-to-date in maintenance. Once all equipment is given the green-light by a pro, it’s then safe to build your enclosure. Some use metal fencing here while others partition this area with actually finished drywall walls. It can also help to seek some design guidance here from your same professional equipment service providers as they are highly familiar with this space.


Convenience is quite akin to luxury and a home’s overall value provided to its inhabitants. What are some of your home’s inconveniences that could be improved upon dramatically? Improve your quality of life by asking this question often or pursuing some of these aforementioned, popular home convenience projects for yourself.


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