The 20 Worst Cities to Drive In

New York And New Jersey Continue To Recover From Superstorm Sandy

In most places throughout the country, driving is a necessity.  Whether traveling to work, school, or other necessary locations, most people enjoy having the freedom to just get in the car and drive.  Unfortunately; however, millions of Americans in cities across the country are faced with a harsh reality.  Due to overcrowding, poor driving, or constant bad weather, many cities in the country are simply not great for driving.  In some cities, drivers can expect to have nearly 30 additional minutes tacked on to their commute, while others can expect to get into a car accident multiple times in the span of a decade.  Here are the 20 worst cities to drive in.

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New Study Cites $100 Billion In Annual Losses For Drivers Due To Traffic Congestion

Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA is certainly not one of the biggest or most exciting cities in the country, but it’s still managed to build quite the reputation for itself.  According to a report by the Allstate Insurance company, the city of Springfield is home to some of the worst drivers in the country.  The likelihood of getting into an accident while driving through the city is considerably higher than the national average.

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Travelers Embark On Holiday Travel Day Before Thanksgiving

Providence, RI

For such a small city, Providence, RI, certainly has its fair share of car traffic.  During the summer months, especially, Providence is full of tourists looking to spend some time on the beach.  This influx of people, combined with the fact that drivers in Providence have a bad reputation, can make traveling through the city by car a nightmare.

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Security Tight At Newark's Prudential Building

Newark, NJ

Unfortunately, the city of Newark can’t seem to catch a break.  Consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the country, Newark is also a pretty bad place for driving.  According to several sources, rush hour in the city can be a nightmare; causing a significant increase in travel times. Also, Newark’s close proximity to New York City creates an influx of commuter traffic.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Expected To Increase 11 Percent From 2009

San Jose, CA

The sunny city of San Jose is the third largest city in the state of California.  Located in the prestigious Silicon Valley,the area is home to some of the most popular companies in the world including Google and Facebook. As a result, the city’s traffic can often be a real life nightmare.  Several sources have reported that there has been a significant increase in traffic and travel times over the last decade.

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Blizzard Slams U.S. East Coast

Bridgeport, CT

Nestled in the tiny state of Connecticut, Bridgeport is surprisingly a pretty busy little city.  Located in the southwest corner of the state, Bridgeport often experiences heavy traffic from those traveling to and from New York City.  According to Allstate, Bridgeport is also home to some of the worst drivers in the country.

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Americans Begin Traveling Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday

Alexandria, VA

For years, Alexandria was simply known for being just a few miles outside of our nation’s capital.  However, in more recent years, Alexandria has become well-known as one of the worst cities in the country to drive in.  Drivers in Alexandria are more than 50% more likely to get into a car accident than people in other areas.

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Major Weather System Drops Large Amount Snow On Midwest And Northeast

Pittsburgh, PA

Being much smaller, Pittsburgh is often overshadowed by Philadelphia.  However, even with its less than stellar size, Pittsburgh manages to be one of the worst places to drive.  Visitors often complain that the streets are full of twists and turns that make navigating with a GPS extremely difficult.

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U.S. Skies and Roads Busy Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend

Baltimore, MD

On average, drivers in Baltimore are likely to get in a car accident approximately every five years.  This, coupled with the number of people driving in and out of the city on a daily basis, makes Baltimore a terrible place to drive, especially if you need to get somewhere in a hurry.

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Texas Gulf Coast Braces For Hurricane Rita

Austin, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the traffic jams.  According to recent reports, Austin is almost running neck-and-neck with New York City when it comes to the number of traffic jams slowing things down in the city. Unfortunately, this is the price to pay for the city’s growing popularity.

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Freeway Collapse Snarls Bay Area Traffic

San Francisco, CA

San Fransisco is a popular destination for both travelers and people looking to relocate.  Unfortunately, many people coming to San Francisco for the first time are completely unaware of the city’s traffic problem. Each day, drivers in San Fransisco spend a considerable amount of their commute sitting still in traffic.

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Heavy Rains Create Flooding In Chicago

Detroit, MI

As the birth place of the Ford car company, Detroit, also known as motor city, is certainly no stranger to cars and traffic.  As a result, this traffic has made the city one of the worst for driving.  Unfortunately for  Detroit, the city seems to be ranking on several other lists of worsts as well.

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Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Crowds U.S. Highways

Miami, FL

Miami is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country.  Each year, people flock to the city for its beaches and great nightlife.  However, driving in the city can be a nightmare thanks to the terrible drivers that live in and around the city.  Over the last several years, Miami has consistently been included on lists of cities with the worst drivers.

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Chicago Area Hines Veterans Hospital Sited In Mass VA Scandal

Chicago, IL

In a recent report by a local news station in Chicago, the city has been dubbed one of the worst for car traffic. According to the report, Chicagoans spend approximately 78 hours a year sitting in traffic.  This means that on a daily basis, people driving in Chicago can expect to add an additional 20 minutes to their travel time.

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Seattle Area Hit With Snow Storm

Seattle, WA

Unfortunately for Seattle, it is not only home to some of the worst drivers in the country, but the worst traffic as well.  Also, Seattle’s less than stellar weather can lead to poor road conditions and decreased visibility.  As a result, approximately 4% of Seattle residents choose to commute by bike instead.

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Texas Gulf Coast Braces For Hurricane Rita

Houston, TX

Like the city of Austin, Houston also suffers from a substantial traffic problem. In a recent story published in the Houston Chronicle, studies show that traffic in the city is only continuing to increase. On average, commutes in the city take 22 minutes longer than necessary meaning that drivers in Houston spend approximately 85 hours a year sitting in traffic.

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Orbitz Names LAX As Busiest Airport For 2011 Thanksgiving Travel

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles may be the city of angels, but nothing about driving through the busy city is angelic.  In 2015, Los Angeles again found itself on several lists of United States cities with unbearably traffic.  According to reports, L.A. drivers spend approximately 92 hours a year sitting in traffic.

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Boston Traffic

Boston, MA

Like many New England cities, Boston is full of old roads, many of which are narrow and confusing.  As a result, Boston can be a difficult city to drive in, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the area.  Boston (and the state of Massachusetts in general) is also home to some of the worst drivers and the worst traffic jams.

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Honolulu, HI

When people think of Honolulu, they often think of paradise.  Chances are, most people never even think about what it might be like to drive in the beautiful city.  Unfortunately; however, people may want to think twice before hopping in a car in Honolulu. Despite its beautiful views, Honolulu has been ranked as the third most congested city in the country.

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People Trapped And Injured In Building Collapse In Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is one of the most populated cities in the country. With more than one million people calling the city home, it’s no surprise that driving in Philadelphia can be a nightmare.  Although traffic on both highways and local roads can significantly increase travel time, Philadelphians also have other things to worry about while on the road.  During the winter, the city’s pothole problem can cause massive damage to cars and additional trolley lanes in certain sections of the city can create confusion for people who are unfamiliar with the area.

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Protests Erupt Across Country After Grand Jury Does Not Indict NYPD Officer Over Chokehold Death

Washington D.C.

Being the national’s capital, Washington D.C. welcomes countless tourists each year.  Although the city’s metro system provides a great alternative to driving, the city still seems to be overrun with motorists.  Also, political events and other functions tend to increase traffic in the city as streets need to be blocked off.

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New York And New Jersey Continue To Recover From Superstorm Sandy

New York, NY

Anyone who has ever been to New York City knows that driving is practically impossible.  With more than eight million people living in the city, many have come to rely on walking and public transportation as their primary means for getting around.  In many situations, it is quicker to walk than it is to take a car. Driving in the city can be painful that many native New Yorkers don’t ever bother getting a license.

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