20 Modern Kitchen Designs With Black Countertops

beautiful kitchen with black counters

If you’ve got a modern kitchen, there’s a pretty good chance you put a lot of thought into every single detail. Whether you’ve just built a new kitchen, or remodeled an old one, it’s important to make decisions that you can live with long-term. After all, nobody wants to waste money to do something twice when it could have just been done right the first time. But out of all of the elements that go into making a kitchen beautiful, there is nothing more important than the countertops. In the world of kitchens, counters are prime real estate. These are the places where we cook, store things, and sometimes even eat. So it’s important to have countertops that we can be proud of. While there are lots of options out there, nothing says luxury and style like a beautiful black countertop. Regardless of the material you choose, black countertops are sure to get people’s heads turning. Not only can this color look good in small or large spaces, but it can also go well with almost any color scheme. Black may be a classic color, but it sure can look great in a modern kitchen. Here are 20 modern kitchen designs with black countertops.

german style black and white kitchen

image via http://designingidea.com

kitchen with light colored flooring

image via homestratosphere.com

kitchen with large wooden island

image via openradar.info

modern kitchen with black counter

image via http://artdreamshome.com/

modern kitchen with blue hanging lamp

image via http://manual19.biz

modern kitchen with sleek hanging lamps

image via irastar.com

beautiful modern black and white kitchen

image via freshome.com

magnificent black granite countetop

image via Drissimm.com

beautiful black kitchen countertop

image via https://artisangroup.wordpress.com/

modern kitchen with light wood cabinets

image via http://www.wearefound.com

beautiful white kitchen islands with black countertop

image via http://www.miumiuborse.com

small kitchen with black counters

image via Auroraacres.com

eclectic pink and green kitchen decor

image via hgtv.com

spacious modern kitchen with gray flooring

image via http://baytownkitchen.com/

kitchen with black and white decor

image via decorpad.com

kitchen with beautiful wood cabinets

image via trendir.com

modern kitchen with sleek island

image via http://www.stoneinteriors.com

kitchen with minimalist design

image via http://www.agreements.us/

rustic kitchen with hanging lamp

image via http://www.agreements.us

kitchen with blue cabinets

image via http://www.messiya.com/

lead image via hgtv.com


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