20 Living Rooms With Beautiful Use Of The Color Grey

The color grey is often associated with darkness and sadness. Color expert, Karen Haller, even says that grey “evokes a lack of confidence, fear of exposure, hiding. In the home surrounding yourself with grey is like cocooning yourself from the outside world, going into hibernation. Over time this can be energy draining and straining.” As a result, most people have shied away from color when decorating large residential spaces. But, when used effectively, the color grey can be a beautiful option for home interiors. Within the last year or so, the color grey has become increasingly popular, especially in living rooms, and its popularity is only continuing to grow. In fact, the color seems to be leaping ahead of other neutral options, and is becoming known as an “essential color that’s modern and edgy yet timeless and classic.” While grey is a notoriously serious color,  when used with bright accents and/or patterns, it can create a living room that is casual and comfortable. Want to see what all the hype surrounding the color grey is about? Here are 20 living rooms with beautiful use of the color grey.


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