20 Exposed Brick Living Room Ideas

beautiful living room with brick

Coming up with ideas to decorate your living room can be fun. It’s always exciting to plan out how you want your living room to look, and then watch it come to life. But while you may have some up with some great living room ideas, there is one detail that can bring some added style to your space: exposed brick. If you’re home doesn’t currently have any exposed brick, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you have to count yourself out. Exposed brick can actually be installed in your home. But why even go through all the hassle? If you’ve ever seen a home with beautiful exposed brick you know exactly why. Having exposed brick in your living room means that your space will never go out of style. Brick is a timeless material that isn’t just a trend or a fad. On top of that, it blends easily with most spaces which means that it can be a good fit for almost any type of living room. If your living room ideas also include color, you’ll love to know that brick can be painted. So if you get tired of the traditional look you have the option to paint over it. When it comes to exposed brick, there are many possibilities – all of which can help your living room ideas become reality. Here are 20 living room ideas with exposed brick.


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small living room with exposed brick

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modern living room with colorful decor

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living room with large door

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grand living room with fire place

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Exposed Brick Wall Living Room Ideas  modern home design ideas hanging from the ceiling

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living room design ideas exposed brick

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living room with track lighting

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living room with large brick wall

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eclectic living room with brick wall

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loft in london with exposed brick

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beautiful living room with white ceiling

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beautiful classic living room with hanging lamps

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living room with white and red exposed brick

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rustic living room with leather sofa

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contemporary living room with wood ceiling

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living room with exposed brick and wooden beams

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modern living room with area rug

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beautiful living room with large  windows and blue rug

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