20 Of The Coolest Teen Girl Room Ideas

modern teen girl room

If there’s anyone who spends a lot of time hanging out in their bedroom, it’s teen girls. Many teen girls see their bedrooms as the only space in the house that is truly theirs, and it’s where they go to enjoy a little bit of privacy. So its nice for them to have a room they can truly enjoy and feel comfortable in. But how can you do that? As a parent, thinking of teen girl room ideas can be tough. There are so many options out there it can be a little overwhelming to pick just one. However, if you need teen girl bedroom ideas, who better to ask than your own teenage girl? Designing a new room for your daughter can be a great bonding experience that allows you to spend time together while also completing a cool project that you can both be happy with in the end. Many common decor ideas found in bedrooms for teen girls includes bright colors, fun accents, cool wall art, and  accent walls. Depending on the size of the room, you can also incorporate other elements such as chairs, and end tables. Need more ideas? Check out 20 of the coolest teen girl room ideas.

modern teen room with bright ceiling

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dark bedroom for teen girl

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impressive teen girl bedroom

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beautiful blue room for teen girls

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large teen bedroom with wood floor

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bedroom with floating shelves

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lavish bedroom for teen girla

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purple/pink teenage room

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light blue bedroom with accent wall

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lavender room for teenage girl

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simple teen girl room with accent wall

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cute pink teen room

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cute teen girl bedroom idea

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pink and blue room for girls

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young teenage girl bedroom with light colors

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teen girl bedroom with chandelier

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egirls' room with white canopy bed

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large room with light yellow walls

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modern bedroom for teen girls with chandelier

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teenage girl bedroom with white design and chanel wall art

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