20 Bedroom Designs With Vaulted Ceilings

beautiful cathedral style bedroom

When it comes to architecture and design, bedrooms are usually very exciting. But while many bedrooms boast a pretty standard design, there are some that incorporate other stylistic elements. Popularized in France, vaults are unique arches that exist in a structure’s ceiling or roof, and these vaults also exist in a variety of designs. While vaulted ceilings were once mainly found on big buildings, they have since become a fixture in many homes all over the world.

Although some considered vaulted ceilings to have a somewhat outdated appearance, when done right, they can really add something special to a room. Not only do vaulted ceilings look pretty cool, but they can also make a space feel larger – a quality that is especially appreciated in a bedroom. Not only can these ceilings help open up your space, but they can also help create a brighter atmosphere. Although it is not easy to create a vaulted ceiling in an existing space, they are definitely worth taking a look at.

With vaulted ceilings, your bedroom can become a true sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Here are 20 bedroom designs with vaulted ceilings.

all white beach style bedroom

image via decorpad.com

bedroom with classy gold chandelier

image via Iedbihartimc.org

wonderful faulted ceiling with wooden beams

image via Facemasre.com

bedroom with classic four poster bed

image via hookedonhouses.net

chic bedroom with vaulted ceilings

image via madebymood.com

small room with classic vaulted ceiling

image via dmbl.co

bedroom with exposed ceiling beam

image via wearefound.com

tall vaulted ceilings in master bedroom

image via designingidea.com

bedroom with balcony view

image via zillow.com

white bedroom with vaulted ceiling and wood floor

image via homebunch.com

mediterranean bedroom with ceiling fan

image via meditacious.com

bedroom with window seat reading nook

image via decorpad.com

vaulted ceiling bedroom Marble Pillows Lamp Bases

image via xboxhut.com

country bedroom with vaulted ceiling

image via girlsonit.com

bedroom with wooden ceiling fan

image via Europecinefestival.org

simple bedroom design with vaulted ceiling

image via har.com

beige bedroom with large windows

image via homeandlivingdecor.com

exposed beam vaulted ceiling with chandelier

image via jeleba.com

bedroom with beach style design and wood floor

image via Pin-insta-decor.com

attic interior with vaulted ceiling

image via Memorabledecor.com

lead image via homedesignlover.com


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