20 Lavish Living Room Designs With Vaulted Ceilings

living room with vaulted white ceiling

In many homes, the living room is easily one of the places that gets the most traffic. After all, when you have friends or family over, the living room is the perfect place to sit back and relax or entertain. Even if you’re not the type of person who has a lot of company, the living room probably still gets a lot of use after a long day at school or work. With that being said, most people want their living rooms to be welcoming, comfortable, and attractive in hopes of catching people’s attention as soon as they enter the space. Well, what better way to get people looking than a beautiful vaulted ceiling? Although this type of ceiling is something that people are typically used to seeing in large buildings, they can also be perfect for houses. Vaulted ceilings can really make a space feel open and large, and can also add a unique touch. Although the ceiling isn’t the first thing that most people notice when they enter a room, these designs will certainly make you want to take a peak. Here are 20 lavish living room designs with vaulted ceilings.

living room with hardwood flooring and vaulted ceilings

image via superherosquad.club

simple living room with vaulted ceiling

image via decorpad.com

Open living room with vaulted ceilings

image via https://www.pinterest.com/turamy5sna/

rustic living room with vaulted ceiling

image via houzz.com

living room with beautiful cathedral ceiling

image via homestratosphere.com

modern living room with vaulted ceiling

image via nathanseppala.wordpress.com

living room with vaulted ceiling and fireplace

image via stardothome.com

contemporary living room with vaulted ceiling

image via hgtv.com

vaulted ceiling in rustic living room

image via ceilingdesignideas.info

simple modern living room with vaulted ceiling

image via homedit.com

Beach home living room with vaulted ceiling

image via www.buckeyestateblog.com

luxurious living room with large windows

image via www.ryvenco.com

living room with wood vaulted ceiling

image via www.kpucadd.com

living room with vaulted ceiling and skylight

image via decoist.com

living room with gray accent wall

image via galnina.info

cute living room with vaulted ceiling

image via apartementlifestyle.net

living room with high vaulted ceiling

image via me360e.com

cottage living room with lots of windows

image via zillow.com

living room/home office combo with vaulted ceilings

image via www.highwayswest.com

vaulted ceiling living room

image via ceilingdesignideas.info

lead image via homedesignlover.com


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