20 Beautiful Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

wainscot trim by staircase

Defined as, “a kind of wood paneling used for centuries as both decorative accents, insulation and to prevent (and cover up) water damage on walls,” wainscoting has become a very popular feature in many homes. You’ve probably seen it countless times, but you may have not known what it was called. As the perfect fit for any room, wainscoting can give your space a little more flair. However, another great thing about wainscoting is that it has a versatile look that makes it perfect for casual and formal spaces. Plus, if you do have water damage or some other sort of blemishes on your wall, wainscoting can cover them without drawing attention to the fact that there is something wrong with your walls. From living rooms, to bathrooms, to bedrooms, wainscoting is something that can go in any room. If you’re worried about maintenance, don’t be. Wainscoting is easy to maintain and easy to repair should any damage be caused. Have you been trying to think of wainscoting ideas for your house? These examples will certainly help. Take a look at 20 beautiful wainscoting ideas for your home.

modern living room with waiscoting

image via digsdigs.com

cool wainscoting design in nursery

image via http://www.sebringservices.com/

hallway with wainscot trim

image via blog.homefully.com

fabulous wainscoting ideas

image via http://www.bedroomfreshdecor.com/

wainscoting around bath tub

image via houzz.com

classic wainscoting panel by staircase

image via https://www.wainscotingamerica.com

kitchen with high ceilings and hanging lamp

image via home-designing.com


image via BlockSandBorders.com

sebring wainscoting in dining room

image via http://www.scrapality.com

empty dining room with hardwood floors

image via svinteriors.co

affordable white wainscoting trim

image via http://visualresistance.org

beautiful wainscot under blue wall

image via inmyinterior.com

beautiful living room with molding

image via trendir.com

bathroom with wainscoting

image via japer.tk

wainscoting ideas for living room

image via Artflyz.com

traditional kitchen wainscoting

image via http://kitchen.zupacraft.net/

rustic wainscoting ideas for bathroom

image via ragsland.co
beautiful modern living room design

image via http://www.hometreeatlas.com

awesome wainscoting in living room

image via mkrs.info

delightful wainscoting in bathroom

image via svinteriors.co

lead image via inmyinterior.com


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