20 Of The Most Beautiful Dining Room Chandeliers

modern dining room with trendy furniture

Chandeliers are a very big part of dining room design. In fact, chandeliers have been around for centuries, and they are great sources of pride. Originally used with candles, chandeliers were once used only be the wealthy during the medieval time period. While many things have changed since then, and chandeliers are now more readily available, they still remain symbols of status. When people enter a formal dining room space, a beautiful chandelier is typically one of the first things that people notice. Not only do these fancy fixtures provide light, but they also bring in lots of lavish style.

From traditional to contemporary designs, chandeliers are available in a wide variety and can accommodate any dining room style. With the holiday season in full swing, many people’s dining rooms will be getting put to good use as friends and family meet up to enjoy special meals. With chandeliers shining bright, they definitely won’t be going unnoticed. Though most chandeliers are attractive, there are some that stand out above the rest. If you love amazing chandeliers, these incredible designs will definitely get your head turning. Here are 20 of the most beautiful dining room chandeliers.

modern crystal chandelier with round design

image via LightHouseShoppe.com

contemporary dining room with traditional chandelier

image via http://www.paydayloansnearmeus.com/

birdcage chandelier for dining roomimage via nolalondon.com

marvelous modern chandelier

image via www.maninpink.co

dining room with traditional long table

image via decorpad.com

modern dining room with two chandeliers

image via http://visuallion.co/

formal dining room with white wingback chairs

image via blackbanddesign.com

formal dining room with lavish chandelier

image via housebeautiful.com

elegant dining room with wooden table

image via viralcreek.com

beautiful dining room with unique chandelier

image via caleche.co

transitional gray dining room

image via www.maninpink.co

beautiful shell style chandelier

image via clipgoo.com

beautiful dining room with beaded chandelier

image via homedit.com

modern dining room with white decor

image via designProVideo.com

french country dining room with rustic design

image via Betterhomestitle.com

Extraordinary dining room color schemes design ideas and dining room wall paint

image via http://alemce.com

beautiful elegant formal dining room

image via homeepiphany.com

awesome purple dining room

image via http://elikatira.com/

dining room with rustic wooden table

image via http://sibbhome.com

stunning white dining room with chandelier

image via homebunch.com

lead image via chandelier.wildrabbitmusic.com


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