20 Beautiful Bedrooms With Pastel Colors

elegant pastel yellow bedroom

When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your bedroom, pastels can be a very nice option. Since bedrooms are meant to be places used primarily for rest, most people prefer not to go with extremely bright or bold colors. It’s no secret that the color of a room can determine the mood, and most people would prefer not to sleep in a bedroom that feels overwhelming.

This is where pastel colors come in. Not only are pastel colors light and warm, but they can also blend in with various color schemes and can really help bring a bit of extra life into your bedroom. Pastel colors also come in a variety of options making it easy to find a color that fits your personality and the overall style of your room.

Even if you’re not a fan of painting your entire room one color, pastel colors can make great accent walls or can be utilized in furniture or other accessories. If its time for a change, these beautiful colors might be just what you and your bedroom need. Here are 20 beautiful bedrooms with pastel colors.

pastel blue bedroom

image via www.minimalisti.com

cool blue bedroom with hardwood flooring

image via www.rowcdesign.com

bedroom with pink couch

image via homeimah.com

light purple bedroom

image via hative.com

beautiful peaceful bedroom set up

image via shoproomideas.com

bedroom with purple foot stool

image via decorpad.com

beautiful pink room for little kid

image via pagesofintegrity.wordpress.com

yellow bedroom with wall art

image via www.creativebedroomvanity.com

creative beach blue bedroom

image via interiordesignfuture.com

cheerful pastel bedroom with rug

image via drawhome.com

beautiful bed with gray headboard

image via www.notonthehighstreet.com

blue bedroom with modern chandelier

image via www.designtrends.com

simple light blue bedroom

image via thechromologist.com

modern lavender bedroom

image via www.freshdesignpedia.com

yellow and gray bedroom design

image via hgtv.com

white bedroom with blue wallpaper

image via decoist.com

bedroom with beautiful purple paint

image via www.housebeautiful.com

pink bedroom with canopy bed

image via www.onekingslane.com

contemporary bedroom with custom hanging lamp

image via houzz.com

bedroom with light green accent wall

image via www.houseandgarden.co.uk

lead image via rilane.com


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