20 Amazing Bathroom Designs With Shiplap Walls

bathroom with nice shiplap walls

What is Shiplap?

When it comes to bathroom designs, shiplap is becoming more and more popular. Commonly defined as pieces of wooden board cut to fit together tightly, shiplap can really add character to any interior space in your house, including your bathroom. Shiplap is great for adding a little rustic/country charm to your space, and can really help your bathroom feel cozy and unique. Sure, a bathroom is just a bathroom, but everyone wants theirs to look and feel good. Having shiplap on the walls provides texture and character. Another great feature about shiplap is that it can be painted. While lots of people enjoy plain white shiplap, there is always the option to paint it any color you’d like. This is great for people who enjoy the look but also like to spruce up their space with color. If you like shiplap, but don’t want to have it take over your bathroom, you can also use it as an accent wall. With a little shiplap, your bathroom can be totally transformed into a beautiful room that you can show off to your friends and family.

Here are 20 amazing bathroom designs with shiplap walls.

what is shiplap

image via houzz.com

shiplap walls

image via studio-mcgee.com

shiplap in a bathroom

image via decorpad.com

white shiplap walls

image via apartmenttherapy.com

traditional bathroom with shiplap walls

image via houzz.com

shiplap in white with large windows

image via decorpad.com

shiplap in farmhouse style bathroom

image via http://www.theinspiredhive.com

shiplip in bathroom with hardwood flooring

image via everydayhomeblog.com

shiplap bathroom with double sink

image via Delonho.com

shiplap bathroom with glass enclosed shower

image via https://www.pinterest.com/mssippy69/walls/

shiplap white and grey bathroom

image via decorpad.com

shiplap walls in shower

image via dwellingstudio.com

beautiful farm house bathroom with shiplap

image via Memorabledecor.com

Shiplap Shades of Blue Interiors Bathroom Makeover

image via http://www.remodelandolacasa.com/

bathroom with black shiplap walls

image via http://www.jacquelynclark.com

beautiful bathroom shiplap

image via countryliving.com

beautiful bathroom with shiplap and chandelier

image via homebunch.com

shiplap in coastal bathroom design

image via https://www.pinterest.com/turquoise_erin/

beautiful shiplap bathroom with freestanding tub

image via pin-insta-decor.com

shiplap bathroom cottonwood style

image via http://cottonwoodandco.com

lead image via folomi.net


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