20 Awesome Gender Neutral Bedrooms

modern bedroom with trendy chandelier

When we were children, most of us were probably pretty familiar with the idea of boys and girls bedrooms. For the most part, boys had blue bedrooms, and girls had pink. However, as adults, most of us have realized that things aren’t always so simple, and the idea that bedrooms are meant to belong to a specific gender isn’t always true. For that reason, gender neutral bedrooms have become increasingly popular over the years.

Whether parents are trying to set up the perform room for their child(ren), couples are looking for something they can both agree on, or people are trying to design a guest bedroom, these neutral spaces can often come in quiet handy. Still, however, many people struggle with the idea of how to make a space gender neutral. While there are many ways to give your bedrooms the look and feel that you want them to have, these amazing bedroom ideas will give you a great place to start. With these designs in mind, you can have a bedroom that is stylish, comfortable, and last but not least, gender neutral.

Here are 20 awesome gender neutral bedrooms.

gender neutral master bedroom

image via makeitbetter.net

light colored bedroom design

image via freshome.com

beautiful gender neutral room

image via top100designs.com

dark colored gender neutral bedroom

image via www.aphotoreadyhome.com

stylish bedroom with rug

image via www.songofstyle.com

bedroom with geometric shapes

image via inmyroom.ru

bedroom with slanted ceilings and hardwood flooring

image via livinghisdesign.blogspot.com

small bedroom for couples

image via www.freshdesignblog.com

modern minimalist bedroom

image via residencestyle.com

black and white master bedroom

image via whiteandgolddesign.blogspot.com

bedroom with light colored carpet

image via kaminari.dvrlists.com

neutral bedroom color

image via blog.dcspub.com

large bedroom with windows

image via meganmorrisblog.com

bedroom with long window

image via www.sowhatifilikeprettythings.com

amazing bedroom with chandelier

image via www.instahome.design

beautiful master bedroom design

image via decoranddesign.tumblr.com

gender neutral room with two beds

image via www.favoritepaintcolorsblog.com

elegant gender neutral bedroom

image via coloration.hobby-smart.com

calming bedroom design

image via homeozoic.com

simple bedroom design

image via elledecor.com

lead image via www.mydomaine.com


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