15 Awesome Shiplap Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

beautiful bedroom with white shiplap walls

When most people hear the term “accent wall” they automatically think of a wall in a room that’s painted a different color than the rest. That’s not unusual. After all, that’s what most accent walls are. But what many people fail to realize is that accent walls can actually be much more than that. While painted accent walls are the most common, there are other options available to people who are interested in having an accent wall. Brick, wallpaper, and patterns are also other fun and creative options, and they can help make a room more appealing. However, if you’re looking for something especially unique shiplap is the perfect option for you. Although you may not be familiar with the term shiplap, you’ve probably seen it before. To put it simply, shiplap is defined as wooden boards tightly fit together in an overlapping design. It makes the perfect accent wall material because it is incredibly versatile. Shiplap is perfect for cozy spaces, but it can also be mad to look lavish and elegant.  If you’re going to have an accent wall, why not have one that truly stands out? Take a look at 15 awesome shiplap accent wall ideas for your home.

bedroom with green shiplap accent wall

image via houzz.com

beautiful shiplap wall in baby nursery

image via http://fhf-pal.org/

DIY shiplap bedroom wall

image via tableandhearth.com

home office with shiplap accent wall

image via http://www.homesmsprealestateblog.com

living room with tv built in wall

image via homebunch.com

modern neutral bedrooms design

image via Billboardlumber.com

beautiful white shiplap wall

image via houzz.com

beautiful interior space with wood floors

image via har.com

beautiful farmhouse bedroom with gray shiplap accent wall

image via homebunch.com

traditional living room with shiplap walls

image via roomstogo.com

beautiful bedroom with dark color scheme

image via readhouse.net

black shiplap wall made of plywood

image via sharktails.ca

all white bedroom design

image via remodelista.com

modern kitchen with wooden accents

image via notey.com

living room with hanging lamp

image via hgtv.com

lead image via decorpad.com


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