20 Beautiful Bathrooms With Wood Laminate Flooring

beautiful bathroom with wood laminate flooring

In recent years, wood laminate flooring has become a very popular option for any room in a home – and bathrooms are no exception. As an equally attractive and more durable alternative to traditional wood, laminate is perfect for people who want to add a touch of luxury to their bathrooms. Although there was once a time when tile seemed to be the only option for bathroom floors, wood laminate has proved to be a very stunning choice. Seriously, if you’ve ever walked into a bathroom with laminate wood flooring, you probably noticed instantly. With a wide variety of options, laminate wood flooring comes in several different styles, and has the ability to blend in with almost any design. Whether your bathroom is modern, or features a more classic look, laminate flooring can be the perfect addition to your space. Although some may not see the point in making sure their bathroom is as stylish as possible, those who love home design (and those who spend a lot of time in the bathroom) know how important it is to have a space that is comfortable and attractive. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom, why not start from the ground up? Here are 20 beautiful bathrooms with laminate wood flooring.

beautiful dark wood laminate flooring

image via flooringmagz.com

dark wood laminate in bathroom

image via www.cityhomeconstructions.com

modern bathroom with laminate flooring

image via hgtv.com

bathroom with gray wood laminate flooring

image via www.furniturefashion.com

contemporary bathroom with wood laminate

image via www.i-j-c.com

classic bathroom design with wood laminate flooring

image via www.wzchutian.com

bathroom with light wood laminate

image via opicos.com

pine laminate flooring in bathroom

image via homendol.com

modern bathroom with cool design

image via www.huz.name

bathroom with dark wood laminate flooring

image via www.inspiredhomeideas.com

beautiful bathroom with dark laminate flooring

image via www.toobe8.com

elegant bathroom with wood laminate flooring

image via blog.sembrodesigns.com

beautiful bathroom with stone fireplace

image via www.jaslam.com

 bright green bathroom with wood laminate flooring

image via www.milfordflooring.com

bathroom with glossy laminate flooring

image via homerical.com

bathroom with smooth wood laminate flooring

image via kinggeorgehomes.com

contemporary bathroom design

image via www.allinteriordesigns.com

classic bathroom design with laminate wood

image via www.adaptationaction.org

contemporary bathroom with laminated wood flooring

image via luxurybusla.com

sleek modern bathroom with laminate flooring

image via www.hawkcollector.com

lead image via www.eastsidehomelink.com


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