100 Of The Best Man Cave Ideas

man cave with cool baseball theme

When it comes to man caves, most guys have a lot of ideas. After all, since many men have to fight for their own space at home, the idea of having a man cave is definitely appealing. Let’s be real fellas, it’s not always easy having to share the main living space with the rest of the people in your home. But while any man cave is better than no man cave at all, it’s important to remember that all man caves weren’t created equal. Since this space is an area that will definitely be getting a lot of use, it’s important to make sure that your man cave is comfortable, stylish, and fun. Still though, it can be difficult to know where to start. Decorating a room in your home is never easy, but it’s especially difficult when you’re trying to create a space just for yourself. Here are some dos and don’ts to make sure that your man cave ideas get the chance to reach their full potential.


  • Come up with a plan – as with designing/decorating any other room, it’s important that you have some sort of plan. According to Lux Decor, “Whether it’s a specific style you want to achieve or at the very least a color palette you want to follow, a little planning will go along way. There are a ton of resources online to help you but we recommend spending some time getting inspired on Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest.”
  • Look for quality – Making the decision to bring quality pieces into your space is the perfect way to get off to a great start. Sure, there might be some old favorites you might want to incorporate, but make sure you’re investing in furniture and accessories that will last you a long time. Everyone wants to save money, but don’t sacrifice your space to save a few cents.
  • Remember the little things – Most of the man cave ideas you’ve thought of have probably focused on the bigger picture. While that’s great, it’s important not to forget about the little details. Things like accessories and accent pieces can really help take your man cave to the next level. One source says, ” Though it might seem silly that you’d buy things just for show, think of the accessories as a way to show your personality.  This can be as simple as adding a book to the coffee table, dressing up the sofa with pillows, or sprinkling in accessories into your bookcase”


  • Forget about comfort – When you’re trying to create a space that looks good, it can sometimes be easy to forget that every space should feel good too. For that reason, it’s important that your man cave ideas be just as comfortable as they are stylish. As you start to build your space, remember that comfort is key. Since you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in this room, it’s important that it be an area that you enjoy being in. Yes, it’s called a man cave, but that doesn’t mean the space actually needs to resemble a cave.
  • Go crazy with the theme – Lots of people’s man cave ideas include incorporating some sort of theme. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important not to get too carried away.
  • Pick the biggest TV – Having the biggest TV you can find might seem like a good idea, but it could backfire. When picking the perfect TV for your man cave, you’ll definitely want to do some research on what size will be the best fit for your space.

25 Man Cave Ideas with Bars

In many people’s minds, no man cave is complete without a bar. Since many people will be using their man caves as places to hang out and watch sporting events with friends, it’s only right that a few beers be brought into the mix as well. Plus, having a home bar can definitely come in handy for those who enjoy having a few drinks at home. Unfortunately, however, trying to set up the perfect bar can be just as difficult as trying to set up the perfect man cave. With so many options, it can be tough to narrow it down to just one. Here are some helpful tips to designing the perfect home bar.

  • Pick the perfect spot – Depending on the size of your man cave, you may feel like there are several places in the room where your bar could work. While it can be tough to pick the best spot, one source states: “One way to help you decide on where to place the bar is considering plumbing requirements, power sources and availability of space.”
  • Pick the right design – It’s no secret that bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so before putting a bar into your man cave, it’s a good idea to research what some of your options are. The type of design that works best will depend largely on the amount of space you have and your personal preferences.
  • Think about storage – Storage is very important when it comes to any room. No one likes to feel like their space is closing in on them, and having lots of clutter is one of the quickest ways to make your room feel small. With that being said, it’s important that you also think about storage before putting a bar in your home.

simple man cave with creative bar

image via diynetwork.com

classic style man cave with pool table and bar

image via www.mancavemarket.com

dark colored man cave with pool table

image via nextluxury.com

man cave with brick accent wall

image via www.homestratosphere.com

man cave with bar and motorcycle

image via www.primocraft.com

basement man cave with bar

image via perfectimage85.com

man cave with hardwood flooring and bar

image via www.shoperesne.com

beautiful basement bar with pool table

image via basementimagination.blogspot.com

man cave with bar and poker table

image via mingle.kansascity.com

luxury man cave with bar and game table

image via awesomemancaves.com

traditional home bar in man cave

image via houzz.com

man cave with classic wooden bar

image via homebardesigns.net

basement man ave with billiards room

image via comfortablehomedesign.com

man cave with leather bar stools

image via founterior.com

basement man cave with hardwood flooring

image via www.smalltowndjs.com

all wood home bar design

image via www.adnavinc.com

garage man cave with bar

image via www.1001pallets.com

man cave with harley motorcycle and bar

image via www.mybadpad.com

man cave with blue couch

image via www.kegworks.com

man cave with game area and bar

image via wfgr.com

beautiful man cave with wood floor and bar

image via www.bellalujo.com.au

beautiful large man cave with bar

image via www.homedesignetc.com

bar designed for man cave

image via www.handymaninmesa.com

oversized man cave with weight area and bar

image via www.aranchodeluxe.com

man cave with fish tank and bar

image via www.diynetwork.com

25 Sophisticated Man Cave Ideas

Let’s be honest, when most of us here the word man cave, the first thing that pops into our heads is a little room with a TV and some old sports memorabilia. While that may be some people’s idea of the perfect man cave, there are definitely more options out there. In fact, man caves can be very mature and sophisticated spaces that can be trendy and full of style. If you’ve already got a man cave, but are looking to step your game up, you’ll be happy to know that the possibilities are endless. If you’re designing your very first man cave, and want to create a space that will reflect your stylish taste, you’ll also be happy with the number of options. Here are some things you may want to consider when creating a sophisticated man cave.

  • Incorporate art – Art can be a great addition to any space. Whether you need something to decorate the walls or to make an end table seem a little less empty, art can be the perfect choice. Art can also be a great way to make your space feel more mature, and give you a way to incorporate more of yourself into your man cave.
  • Pick the right furniture – If you’re trying to build a classy man cave, you’ll definitely want furniture the reflects your vision. While a raggedy old couch may seem like a good choice, you may want to go with nice pieces of leather furniture.
  • Pick the perfect color scheme – Choosing the right color is never easy. However, we all know that the color of a room really has the power to make or break the whole look and feel. If you’re aiming to have a sophisticated man cave, you may want to consider going with dark colors. If having bright colors in your space is important to you, keep in mind that you can always bring in pops of color by using accented accessories.

sophisticated man cave with leather couch

image via https://www.pinterest.com/improvenet/

trendy man cave with leather couch

image via https://www.pinterest.com/homedesignetc/

small man cave with dark leather couches

image via www.minimalisti.com

classy man cave with traditional design

image via homedit.com

large garage man cave with black leather couch

image via www.gentlemansgazette.com

modern small man cave design

image via www.minimalisti.com

man cave with fireplace and leather couch

image via hgtv.com

classy man cave with chandelier and leather couch

image via theclassylion.tumblr.com

man cave with pool table and leather couch

image via https://www.pinterest.com/decoist/

charming man cave with chandelier

image via homebnc.com

man cave with classic black leather furniture

image via netluxury.com

movie themed man cave design

image via www.themovieblog.com

man cave with leather furniture

image via lightersideofrealestate.com

classy man cave with wine storage

image via homedit.com

man cave media room

image via www.212concept.com

rock and roll themed man cave

image via homebnc.com

man cave with two leather couches

image via https://www.pinterest.com/marcusgmiller/

beautiful sophisticated man cave with brown leather couch

image via www.katiecharlottedesign.com

spacious man cave with sophisticated design

image via https://www.pinterest.com/source/pinterest.com

urban man cave with leather furniture

image via cantoni.com

man cave with beautiful brown couch

image via modernize.com

man cave with dark leather furniture

image via providenthomedesign.com

beautiful classy man cave design

image via www.sosasha.com

large man cave with high ceilings

image via www.capital-style.com

modern attractive man cave

image via www.quynhvora.com

man cave with brown leather couch

image via www.chinoiseriechic.net

man cave with hanging lamp

image via www.royalfashionist.com

man cave DIY bar

image via www.taylorhomes.com

man cave with leather arm chairs

image via homedit.com

man cave with with fireplace and trendy design

image via www.northjersey.com

garage man cave with leather couch

image via www.homestratosphere.com

man cave with pool table

image via www.housetrends.com

man cave with car parked inside

image via dk-decor.com

man cave with brick wall

image via www.dmarge.com

classic man cave with game room

image via www.housetrends.com

20 Man Cave Ideas with Sports Themes

As mentioned earlier, if you are going to go with a theme for your man cave, it’s important that you don’t get too carried away. Overdoing the theme can take your space from cool to corny in just a matter of seconds. However, if you are thinking of incorporating a theme into your space, sports might be number one on your priority list. If you have a favorite team, your man cave might be the best place to show your support. Since you’ll probably be watching lots of sports in this place, it only makes sense that the room reflect that. But before you start filling your space with all sorts of sports memorabilia, there are a few things you might want to think about first.

  • Be consistent –  It’s not uncommon for people to enjoy more than one sport. However, when it comes to your man cave ideas, you may find that it’s best to stay consistent. For example, if you love both football and basketball, you might want to pick just one of those to show off in your man cave. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t blend in elements of all of your favorite sports, but it’s important that your theme be clear.
  • Don’t show off your own accomplishments – If you’ve ever competed in a sport, it’s understandable that you’d be proud of your accomplishments. However, your man cave just isn’t the place to show off all of your old football and wrestling trophies. Instead, you may want to focus on collegiate and professional memorabilia.
  • Don’t over do it –  This is one point that simply can’t be stressed enough. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off your love for your favorite sport and/or team, but it’s in your best interest to not get carried away. There’s no need to have every single inch of the floor and wall covered with a sports item, and doing do can really make your man cave unattractive.

football themed man cave

image via https://www.pinterest.com/sportsfansplus/man-caves/



sports themed man cave

image via dudeliving.com

NY Giants themed man cave

image via blog.ahrn.com

golf themed man cave

image via www.mybadpad.com

hockey themed man cave

image via www.famous-smoke.com

man cave with football field and pool table

image via www.summit-flooring.com

wrigley field themed man cave

image via mashable.com

baseball themed man cave design

image via yahoo.com

man cave with sports bar

image via www.dgrinteriordesigns.com

football themed man cave

image via mancaves.com

man cave with sports banners

image via www.primocraft.com

man cave with spots art

image via www.chron.com

basement man cave with sports wall art

image via europecinefestival.org

new york yankees man cave

image via www.victoriaadvocate.com

soccer themed man cave decor

image via www.framedcelebrity.com

contemporary man cave with new england patriots chairs

image via www.houzz.com

man cave with high ceilings and pool table

image via www.ultimatechristoph.com

man cave with jerseys on the wall

image via www.housetrends.com

man cave with basketball shooting game

image via www.allaccess.com

awesome man cave with football jerseys

image via www.homeepiphany.com

20 Man Cave Ideas with Movie Theater

In the world of man cave ideas, entertainment is definitely a major key. Since man caves have a reputation for being places where people watch TV, movies, and listen to music, having the best media accessories is definitely a must. What could be a better way to enjoy your favorite media than a home theater? If you’ve got a man cave with enough space, you may want to consider incorporating a home theater area. This space will definitely come in handy during your favorite sports season, and you’ll quickly find that having your own theater makes watching TV so much more enjoyable. But while you may want a home theater in your man cave, making it happen is a completely different story. Here are some helpful hits to creating the perfect home theater.

  • Find the perfect place for your TV – While picking the best size for your TV is important, picking the best place to put the TV might matter even more. Where you put the TV can affect how clear you can see the picture. According to one source, “The math is relatively simple—take the display’s diagonal screen size and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5. That’s how far your couch, chairs, or other prime seating choices should be placed relative to the front of the television.”
  • Think about the sound system – Sound is one of the most important factors in any theater. If you’re planning on putting a home theater in your man cave, you’ll certainly want to put a lot of thought into what speakers you choose. Those with larger rooms may find that surround sound is the best option, while those with smaller rooms may opt for a single sound bar. Mental Floss says, ” For small rooms, consider getting a soundbar, which packs multiple speakers into a single low-profile, horizontal package…The best, but most complex, audio setup is full surround sound, which usually entails six total audio channels, or speakers—one for the center, the right and the left, two for the rear, and one subwoofer.”
  • Get a professional – There’s nothing better than a good DIY project, and you may find that you can do a lot of the work yourself. However, depending on your level of knowledge, it may be best to get some help from a professional. Things like running wire can get pretty difficult, and you’ll find that having someone give you a little help makes the process run much more smoothly.
  • Consider the set up of your seats – Seating is important, especially when it comes to theaters. Regardless of the size of your space, you’ll want to make sure that your seats are set up in a way that allows for easy and clear viewing.

man cave with home theater set up

image via mingle.kansascity.com

large man cave with theater

image via blog.coldwellbanker.com

home theater design in man cave

image via reddit.com

man cave with mediterranean wood

image via europecinefestival.org

man cave with pool table and theater

image via www.homestratosphere.com

man cave with wine cellar and theater

image via www.mjdesignsflorida.com

beautiful man cave with theater seating

image via memorabledecor.com

large man cave with beautiful theater

image via https://www.pinterest.com/businessinsider/

contemporary man cave with movie theater

image via fashion-ar.com

beautiful modern man cave with theater space

image via youtube.com

home theater with large leather couch

image via www.furnitureteams.com

diy man cave ideas with display cases

image via fashion-ar.com

man cave with comfortable chairs

image via www.pacificdimensions.com

man cave with theater area

image via decoist.com

home theater with large red couch

image via www.salterspiralstair.com

beautiful home theater with leather chairs

image via www.mademan.com

simple man cave with bar and theater

image via www.shorelinebuildersmn.com

man cave with cool media room

image via househunt.com

stylish man cave with projector screen

image via hgtv.com

contemporary home theater with leather seats

image via houzz.com

lead image via mancavehq.weebly.com

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