10 Of The Most Stylish Settees For Your Living Space

When it comes to living room furniture, settees aren’t something you hear about every day. Most people probably don’t even know what a settee is. So, what is a settee? Some people may confuse settees with love seats, but they aren’t technically the same. A love seat is simply a small couch designed to seat two. Well, according to Hunker, “A settee is either a long wooden bench with a back or a small or medium-sized sofa. It typically can seat more than two people, and always features a back and arms.” Not only is a settee a nice stylish addition for your living room, but will also give your living room a bit of a unique edge. Here are 10 of the most stylish settees for your living space.

Nicoletta Deep Blue Fabric Settee

With a deep blue design, this lovely settee is comfortable and lavish. Whether your living space is formal or casual, this item can be the perfect addition.

Pulaski Marcella Settee

If a solid color isn’t your thing, you’ll appreciate this beautifully patterned settee. A hardwood frame also ensures that this item will be sturdy and durable.

Madison Park Sorano Tufted Round Arm Settee

Since settees tend to have somewhat of a sophisticated design, they can be the perfect pieces of furniture for formal living spaces or home library/study area.

Tristan Button Tufted Settee

This dark charcoal settee is capable of taking your space to the next level. However, it’s not just about style. This settee will also give you a comfortable place to sit.

Emerald Home Salerno Settee

Contemporary furniture is great, but some people prefer more traditional designs. If you’re one of those people you’ll love this classic-style settee.

ACME Furniture Oliana Wingback Settee

Not only does a nice high back provide added style, but it also provides added comfort. Although some settees may look like they’re ‘too nice’ to sit in, they’re fully functional piece of furniture.

Safavieh Home Collection Sarah Taupe and Espresso Sette

As the product’s description states, “this set will add a fresh look to any room”. This item is perfect for a living room, bedroom, or study space.

Mariana Grey Fabric Settee

Many settees have more of a formal look, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also work well in spaces that are more on the casual side.

Dumont Mid Century Modern Fabric Loveseat Sofa Settee

Simple and stylish, this settee is ideal for anyone who needs a little bit of extra seating in their home.

Emerald Home Lucille Settee

Furniture is about more than just having a place to sit or a space to put your things on. It can also make your home feel more like home. Complete with two accent pillows, this settee can add a little bit of extra pizzaz to your home.

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