10 Stunning Living Rooms With Gray Walls

cool modern living room with gray walls

In most people’s minds, gray certainly isn’t the most pleasant color in the world. In fact, it actually seems downright depressing. From gray skies to gray moods, gray is typically a color that lots of people don’t want to spend too much time around. That’s why gray walls aren’t something you see very often. However, when utilized correctly, gray walls can actually make a room look incredible. Especially for spaces that are meant to have a sleek and mature look. Gray can be calming, and can blend well with almost any other color. Plus, with most interiors being the same color, it can’t hurt to think outside of the box and give something new a try. Take a look at these 10 stunning living rooms with gray walls.

beautiful gray living room

This beautiful spacious living room has the perfect balance thanks to its combination of gray walls and natural light.

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nice gray living room

Accent colors can be a great way to help make a gray room feel a little brighter and more up beat.

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cool idea for gray living room

As this living room shows, a space with gray walls doesn’t have to be dark and depressing. In fact, it can be the exact opposite.

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formal living room with hanging lamp

Something to keep in mind when considering painting your living room gray is that there are several shades of the color.

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modern gray living room design

This dark gray living room has a sophisticated look that is complimented by the yellow/gold accents.

image via decornorth.com

gray living room design

Regardless of the color of your living room, natural light is always an important factor. However, it’s especially important in rooms with darker colors.

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Colorful Living Room With Gray Walls

These sleek gray walls are the perfect fit for this stunning contemporary living room design.

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Colorful Living Room With Gray Walls

If you’ve got a formal living space, gray can be an especially fitting color as it adds an extra touch of luxury.

image via traditionalhome.com

living room with high ceilings

As mentioned earlier, gray is a great color because it goes with so many others. Hard wood floors provide a nice contrast against dark gray walls.

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living room with gray interior

If you’ve got gray walls, you might also want to consider adding some gray furniture to your space.

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