15 Cool Kitchen Designs With Gray Floors

beautiful kitchen with island

Gray floors certainly are not something you see every day – especially in kitchens. Unfortunately, the color gray is often associated with feelings of sadness. For this reason, many people choose to stay away from the color. Instead, most people opt for white or brown floors when it comes to their kitchen. However, fans of gray know that this color can be a beautiful option that can actually make your space beautiful and unique. Gray floors provide the perfect balance between light and dark, and can help your kitchen have a design that is elegant and comfortable. Since gray blends in well with almost any other colors, you’ll find that having gray floors still allows you plenty of freedom to introduce other colors into your kitchen. Also, gray floors can be come in several shades, and can be made from a variety of material including tile, stone, and wood laminate. Although we often take them for granted, floors are one of the most important aspects of every room, and as a result, it’s important that they look as good as possible. These examples will help you see just how versatile gray floors can be. Here are 15 cool kitchen designs with gray floors.

kitchen with island seating

image via minimalisti.com

modern kitchen with brown cabinets

image via houzz.com

transitional kitchen design with white cabinets

image via http://kitchen.laviesenior.com

kitchen with white cabinets

image via Ehvet.com

beautiful gray hardwood floor

image via http://canadianhomeflooring.com

kitchen with white countertops

image via captainwalt.com

kitchen with wooden stools

image via http://www.faveweis.com

kitchen with unique hanging lamp

image via Artflyz.com

kitchen with light gray floors

image via http://www.miumiuborse.com

beautiful white and gray kitchen design

image via byrneseyeview.com

contemporary kitchen with gray floors

image via agreements.us

beautiful kitchen with large white island

image via http://www.livingandkitchen.com

kitchen with stainless steel appliances

image via ferrocarril.us

kitchen with gray parquet flooring

image via Memorabledecor.com

modern kitchen with gray floor

image via messiya.com

lead image via decorpad.com



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