10 Rooms that Incorporate the Messy Chic Look

One of the integral elements of the messy chic look is paint splatters, and they are turning up in surprising ways within the entire range of décor categories. Paint splatters were once the stuff of childhood mistakes, impatient or angry painters wielding a paintbrush, graffiti artists everywhere, and certainly the famous painter, Jasper Johns. His works, achieved when he combined his dancing with painting, are renowned within the art world and are priceless. But, as with all things, the fine line dividing art from ugly is subjective. It is very easy to veer from paint splatters which grace something to splatters which appear to have taken shape due to someone’s fit of rage.

Paint splatters can be found in ceramic bowls, wallpaper, and fabrics created for sale. It is also to DIY the process, simply purchasing paint and creating a one of a kind design on a gently worn but classic piece of furniture. Lamps and lampshades, old dressers, rugs, bedspreads, pillows, curtains and architectural pieces are all fair game for the technique. It’s fairly simple to load a paintbrush with paint and flick it onto a surface. The part which is not easy, is to splatter with restraint, and to know when it’s time to stop.

When the artwork process is completed, then it takes a good eye to add the newly painted object to a decorating scheme which makes the best use of it. Often, the best way is to use it as a focal piece within the room. Sometimes, an entire wall, the floor, or the ceiling are places to splatter, and these add textures and pattern to rooms in interesting ways. For some, simply adding table napkins or a table runner with festive splatters is a great starting point. Here are some ideas to consider.

Whimsically Elegant

Though described as a bedroom for a teenage girl, this interior could very easily be part of a luxurious living area for just the right owner. The paint splatter rug brings warmth to the sectional sofa, which is a comfortable gathering area. The room is filled with toys, art pieces, spectacular chandelier and bold abstract art work. These things are typical of the messy chic way of blending vintage pieces with new or re-purposed items to create a fresh and edgy look. Without these additions, the subdued color palette, traditional draperies and fixtures would look slightly dated.

Museum Great Hall

Artist Leon Tarasewicz created a masterpiece on the floor of Warsaw’s National Gallery of Art. The work was specific to the site, and featured splatter painting in green, red, blue and yellow. The paint covered the stairways of the Great Hall, creating a vivid new entrance for visitors to the 2006 “Polish Painting of the 21st Century” exhibit. This is a massive nod to Jasper Johns painting technique, and one way for the very bold to blend the very old with the very new.


Brilliant Bedroom

If the paint splattered linens on this bed did not exist, the room itself could be a lovely feminine room with beautiful pink and white side chest and headboard. The dominant pink palette in the room is quite traditional. But, peaks of lively attitude are evident in the striped bedside lamp and cheeky old school alarm clock. So, the bright linens are evidence of a happy and bold inhabitant of this room. The traditional furnishings with vivid splatters are one way of incorporating some messy chic within an existing interior

Eclectic Home Office Space

In terms of spaciousness, ample light, a plethora of art supplies and tools, and equipment to create art, this home office space is filled with the artist’s idea of luxury. Everything is in one place, and ready to be used. There’s no need for much décor, as the space has beautiful wood cabinets and chairs. One thing to note is that the windows were covered with paint spatters, and combined with the opaque glass, they create a colorful confetti window covering. The floor and a few surfaces have also been staged with bright splatters to delineate the work areas. Planned messiness is possible when splattering.

Sofa Art

This lovely living area has an incredible piece of artwork, which is a mix of images and composed splatters in the shape of the world’s continents. Splattering with precision requires the use of a steady hand, or creating templates in advance to contain the paint. This is a variation on the theme of messy, which results in a very chic artwork. The throw pillows cast off to the side of the sofa, rather than arranged on it, provide a hint of casual carefree attitude.

Entryway Chest

This old dresser was painted with white paint, and then black paint added with splattering. It is a stunning piece of furniture now, and fits perfectly in its space, waiting for a vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit or a tray to place the day’s mail. This refurbishing of old furniture is one essential function of messy chic, and this dresser is one of its artistic expressions.

Black and White

When the view is outstanding, and the surroundings serene, simply including one significant piece of artwork with spattering is a way to include the fresh new look which is a part of the messy chic trend. This use of the artistic techniques allows for a bit of rebellious, yet composed art, in an otherwise neutral setting. In this particular case, the art is a strong statement piece, which nevertheless, does nothing to detract from the cityscape outside the floor to ceiling windows.

Trendy Bedroom Ceiling

Though this bedroom is designed for a very lucky teenager, it is completely sophisticated enough to function for adults. The blue, white and black colors of the walls and coordinating floor-length drapes are echoed in the spectacularly spattered ceiling. The gray chaise at the end of the bed is a touch of elegance, yet understated, with clean lines and coordinating area rug below.

Hip Zen Living Room

Here’s a different take on the look. An Asian folding screen paired with a custom-made coffee table are perfectly coordinated with a pure white upholstered chair. In another setting, the chair may have been a formal piece in a dining room set, but here it is re-purposed for a new life in a minimalist setting. The colorful paint splatters elevate the coffee table, which has been made from re-purposed pallets.

Upholstered Dining Set

The fabric on this beautifully upholstered dining set is inspired by splatter painting. The vibrant colors are a delicious contrast to the predominantly dove gray and white color scheme in the room. Nestled next to the openwork railing of the adjacent staircase, the wing back chairs welcome a cozy chat around the circular table. This is a highly-stylized version of the trend, which allows the less than handy to simply purchase fabric and forgo the painting.

Written by Housely

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