10 Gorgeous Rooms Brimming with Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design has exploded in popularity and you can hardly go to top design blogs or Pinterest without seeing some of the style’s influence. What’s so alluring about Scandinavian decor is that it’s comforting, aesthetically pleasing, and so functional. There’s no pretension involved, it can easily suit any home or dwelling, and it’s fairly easy to pull off. What’s more, Scandinavian design works for all areas, from children’s rooms and kitchens to bathrooms and living areas. If you’re looking to infuse Scandinavian flair into your home, here are ten beautiful rooms that are great examples of the style.

1. Soothing and stylish

The abundance of natural wood, soothing neutrals, and just a bit of color are signatures of Scandinavian design. A couple of art prints also add color to this room, and its aesthetic is modern, uncluttered, and relaxing. The vibe of the space illustrates why Scandinavian style works so well in the bedroom, and you can recreate this look by opting for furniture with clean lines, neutral bedding and window treatments, and imparting color with throw pillows and art.

2. Luxe details

This dining area features a Scandinavian design that has a bit of luxury thrown into the mix. A pale gray fur throw and the style of the pendant lamps add an upscale touch, while the rest of the elements in the space are exemplary of Scandinavian style. Notice that the chairs around the table don’t all have the same profile, but each complements the other — that’s common with this type of decor and helps create a more relaxed and casual look.

3. Lovely home library

If you have plenty of books to enjoy, but think the typical home library would be too formal for your tastes, try a library with Scandinavian style such as this one. Instead of looking stuffy and stiff, the room is laid back, inviting, and looks like the perfect place to lounge and read a book. A collection of colorful throw pillows increases comfort and adds a bit of whimsy to the design, while cool blue on an area rug and light fixture add even more visual interest.

4. Relaxed living and dining room combo

Another hallmark of Scandinavian design is the use of black and white, with color introduced through decorative accessories. This living and dining area is the perfect example of this, as black and white are the predominate colors in the room. However, different patterns, textures, and pops of color break things up and add character and style. It’s also common for Scandinavian style rooms to use plants for adding color.

5. Vibrant family space

Here’s another Scandinavian design with ample black and white, but this one contains both shades in equal measure. The room also has a playful flair, which is definitely appropriate for a space where family gathers. The fun prints and patterns that are so often seen in Scandinavian spaces is seen here in art prints, throw pillows, and on a round fabric covered stool.

6. Gorgeous wall decor

This bedroom has a soft style that’s a bit dreamy, thanks in part to the colors used for the bedding and textiles in the space. The wallpaper covering a wall behind the bed is another standout feature of the room, and it pulls out colors seen in an assortment of rugs on the floor. No window treatments are used in this design, which isn’t uncommon in Scandinavian style rooms, but a highly textured light fixture in the center of the space adds visual interest.

7. A well designed child’s room

Parents often try to create children’s rooms that are relaxing enough to be a restful place for sleeping, but also interesting enough to be fun play areas. If that’s your aim, you can’t go wrong with a Scandinavian design. The key is remembering not to clutter the space with an excess of toys, practically arrange what your child has, and focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s also important to choose furnishings that are well made and that also look appealing — go with wood and fabric covered pieces rather than metal or plastic furniture.

8. Beautiful and bright kitchen

A Scandinavian style kitchen is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking and baking for several reasons. Because such designs emphasize simplicity, there’s no overuse of decor and taking up much needed counter space with knick knacks. The style is also conducive to creating a more functional kitchen as it encourages putting the tools and cookware that you love most front and center. Bottom line, this is one of the best decor styles for people who actually get into the kitchen and make use of it, rather than those who use their kitchens sparingly. Practical details cover this kitchen, everything needed to create great meals is close at hand, and this space would also be ideal for creating a communal atmosphere when welcoming guests.

9. Refined library and dining area

You may have noticed that Scandinavian design is often used for multipurpose spaces, and that’s because of its ability to meld rooms so well. Here a dining area is also a library filled with style. A deep teal area rug adds color, as do the shelves lined with books. Cream and white are used for seating, throw pillows, and on the walls, while accents of gold add a chic touch.

10. Fashion forward home office

What makes Scandinavian design suitable for home offices is what makes it wonderful for other rooms in the home: the focus on comfort and practicality. This home office space looks stylish and appealing largely because it’s uncluttered, has plenty of vibrant color thrown in, and has the essentials for being productive while working or studying. There are also several elements often seen in rooms with this style, such as interesting lighting, large art prints, and mid-century modern style furniture. You don’t have to incorporate all of these elements into your home office, but picking one of two and keeping clutter under control will make a huge difference.

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