10 Gorgeous Living Rooms Featuring Matte Paint


Walk into any home improvement store, head to the paint aisle, and you may be overwhelmed by the number of paint finishes available. All have their benefits and are useful in certain applications, but one of the most impactful and stunning is matte paint. It’s also known as flat paint, and it has a sheen that’s ideal for masking imperfections on walls and absorbing light. You could definitely go with a shade of white matte paint, but this finish looks incredible with darker and bold colors. Matte paint works well in most living rooms and other high traffic areas, and it’s also good for placing on ceilings. Here are ten outstanding living room designs that feature matte paint.

1. An inviting space


This living room is small, but it gets a huge dose of style from a beautiful shade of light blue matte paint. Combined with white paint for the top half of the room and semi-gloss black paint on a trio of mirror frames, the look is contemporary and chic. The furniture choices and arrangement of the space helps make it feel very cozy and inviting, and including throw pillows and other soft complementary colors in the design gives the room a trendy look.

2. Abundance of brown


Some dark shades simply look better with a matte finish, such as brown. In this room deep brown walls pair with brown sofas, a white ceiling, and an eclectic mix of decor and art. The space is rather large, but having so many dark tones throughout makes it look smaller than it really is. If you’re trying to make your large living room feel more intimate and cozy, consider choosing a dark matte shade for the walls.

3. Towering walls


The walls in this living room soar, and this is a prime example of how matte paint can even look good with very light shades. A semi-gloss or satin finish would detract from the airy vibe the room has, but matte paint complements the design quite well. Shades of cream and white dominate the space, as do flowing fabrics.

4. Sophisticated and chic


Most think of gray as a neutral, but when used in a room like this it becomes a striking color full of visual interest. Matte gray walls are balanced out with white on the doors and ceiling, as well as window treatments and an area rug with a combination of the colors. To keep the design from looking too monochrome, vibrant throw pillows in shades of bright green were placed throughout the seating area.

5. Transitional and trendy


This is another living room with matte paint in a shade of dark gray, but the vibe of this space is different. It’s more intimate and the effect of the paint is more dramatic, partly due to this space’s smaller size. The choice of using red as an accent color also changes the mood of the room and makes it a bit more brooding. A small white sofa, white and black accents, and a touch of metallic antique gold all bring flair to the design.

6. Dramatic in black


If you’re going to opt for matte paint in the living room, you really can’t get more dramatic than going with black. Not only are the walls and trim in this room black, the ceiling is as well. Rich jewel tones scattered throughout the space, pops of bright yellow, and interesting eclectic decor and light fixtures make this a truly impressive design.

This design strategy is best for large spaces, as so much dark color will close the room in and make it feel smaller. If you have a smaller living room but you love the idea of using matte black paint, either paint an accent or feature wall, leave the ceiling white, or paint your ceiling black while choosing a lighter color for the walls.

7. Fashion forward and modern


This living room provides a solution for the dilemma that those with smaller spaces face when trying to incorporate matte black paint. Instead of swathing the entire room with the color, an accent wall was chosen and the result is modern and very stylish. What would normally be seen as neutral blue window treatments stand out because of the other tones in the room. A striped rug, furniture with clean lines, and carefully selected decor make this room inviting and fashionable.

8. A rustic retreat


Rustic style living rooms benefit from matte paint because it melds with earthy decor much better than paint finishes with a more noticeable sheen. This southwestern themed living room has a number of gorgeous architectural details including exposed beams and a unique stye of door, and it’s also clad in matte paint that almost mimics the look of adobe. Interesting fabrics, brilliant artwork, and a table that makes innovative use of organic elements help bring the theme together.

9. Clean lines


The slate matte paint in this living room has a tinge of blue that makes it stand out. What’s also notable about the space is its extensive use of clean lines that gives it a very modern and almost minimalist feel. To brighten up the room and give it more contrast the entertainment center has a mix of woods and white, and the textured white and light gray rugs on the floor keep things interesting as well.

10. Beautiful blues


Here’s another example of how striking dark colors look when given a matte finish. Deep and rich blue that lies between navy and cobalt covers several walls in a living room. Because the space isn’t very large, a brighter shade of paint was chosen for one of the walls in the room. The design has a welcoming feel and a great mix of traditional and contemporary elements. The set of art prints hinging above the couch reflects the hues in the design’s color palette, which helps the room’s look come together. If you want to go with a color that’s both dark and bold such as this blue, balance is the key to making it work.

Written by Housely

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