10 Creative and Functional Uses of Wicker

While some may consider wicker to be a material that is among the least durable, this is not always the case. Innovations in the crafting of wicker products has increased the toughness and its functional applications. There are many high quality products that are fashioned of wicker. In addition to its practical use, wicker is also an aesthetically pleasing material to work with. It is no longer used for merely making ornate outdoor chairs, it has also found its’ way into other niche markets and has gained immense popularity because of its light weight and capacity for fitting into nearly any decorating style. Here are ten creative and functional uses for wicker.

1. Book shelves

Wicker is now used in the creation of a variety of different styles of book shelves. It is light in weight and easy to move from one location to the other which makes it an excellent choice for people who move from one location to another with frequency. There are a variety of treatments used with wicker bookshelves to give it added stability and ballast. Special laquers applied to the finished product add extra weight and toughness. These may be applied in a variety of colors to fit in with interior decorating schemes. Stackable versions of wicker book cases are also available to make them more portable and add convenience.

2. Bathroom shelves

Wicker shelving for bathrooms is becoming a hot new item. Some units are crafted to fit over the lavatory fixture to add extra storage space for the area over the toilet that is frequently wasted. Often, the wicker is used in addition to a metal frame that provides additional support for the structure. We’ve seen some nice examples of wicker bathroom accessories that generally come in white or natural colors but can easily be painted to accommodate the color scheme of the bathroom.

3. Storage Trunks

Wicker is also used in the creation of natural looking storage trunks. Some of the most popular of these are the ones that come in sets of nesting trunks that vary in size from large to medium and small. They are highly functional for use as storage containers. Most commonly, these are seen with hinges and front fasteners that are crafted of leather and brass or bronze materials for a vintage aesthetic. They make amazing decorator items that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional as space savers, and also as space fillers.

4. Wall designs

Wicker is used in the creation of many wall accent accessories which range from attractive candle holders to shelving. A variety of different weaving patterns are used to achieve some of the most beautiful and complex designs. The styles offer a wide range from whimsical to sophisticated. More is being done with wicker than ever before. It is being incorporated into a variety of wall decorating schemes.

5. Lawn and patio applications

We’re all familiar with the wicker chairs that add a touch of charm to an outdoor patio, but even more is being done with wicker, especially in the creation of elegant outdoor accent pieces. Wicker is used to craft some impressive gazebos and patio covers as well as for outdoor tables and as show piece trellises which are generally placed on the interior of a partially enclosed porch or patio area. They are also used as containers to enhance the exterior of planters featuring large and decorative plants.

6. Office organization

We’re seeing more and more products which are intended for office organization that are made of wicker. From baskets to pen holders, storage shelves and even drawers, wicker is becoming more common as a material seen in the work environment.

7. Wicker carts

Wicker is also used in the creation of handy carts. The application of multi directional wheels and a steel frame give the material a sturdy constitution yet an attractive and stylish exterior design. These are highly functional for use as a means of transporting goods from one place to another within a home or office. This shows just how versatile wicker material really can be. Quaint bistros also use wicker wheeled carts for showcasing desserts to guests on traveling trays that are easy to wheel out and easy to take back in to the kitchen area.

8. Bedroom furniture

There are some amazing headboards and foot boards for beds that feature intricate weaved patterns in wicker. These are generally accompanied by a host of additional pieces which match including nightstands, vanities and chests of drawers. Some bedroom furniture uses a stronger material for the frame while others are made strictly of wicker materials. It is amazing how beautiful some of these bedroom furnishing sets are when they are finished and placed in a luxury setting.

9. Kitchen ware

Wicker is a very popular material that is used for a variety of kitchen serving products. Wicker hot mats are great choices for placing on the table under hot pots and pans to protect the delicate finish. Wicker is also popular for use in pie plate or casserole dish holders. Some of the fancier versions even have leather handles on the side which are both attractive and highly functional.

10. Baskets

We would be remiss not to mention how many different styles, sizes and types of baskets that are made of wicker. It is one of the most popular uses for wicker with the exception perhaps of the traditional wicker chair. You may choose from round baskets in all sizes, some with lids, some without, square or rectangular shaped baskets of any size which may be used for practically any type of storage need. Some people who choose to repurpose old wicker furniture actually make planters from the materials by adding a lining of plastic to offer protection from water required to irrigate the plant.

Final thoughts

There are hundreds of uses for wicker and we’re seeing a resurgence of the popularity of the material. There are countless shops that feature some pretty cool hand crafted wicker items. We’ve just highlighted ten of the most common uses for wicker. It may be one of the most under rated materials around and this is one of the reasons why we have chosen to highlight ten of the top creative and functional uses of wicker.

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