10 Of The Coolest Circle Chair Design Ideas

circle chairs for outdoor space

Chairs are an essential piece of furniture in almost every room, but chairs are also kind of, well, lame. Sure, there are different types of chairs, but in general, they all look more or less the same. Except for circle chairs that is. As the name suggests, circle chairs feature a circular design that makes them unique and interesting. Although circle chairs tend to have a casual look, they can be a great fit for any space – especially one with a more contemporary look. If you’re looking for the perfect chair for your living room or bedroom, a circle chair could help you achieve the style you want. Here are 10 of the coolest circle chair design ideas.

red and white circle chair

This simple red and white circle chair has a simple design that is perfect for a casual yet modern living space.

image via pamono.com

orange and white circle chair

Circle chairs aren’t just about style, they can also be comfortable too. Large yellow cushions give these chairs a soft and inviting design.

image via nok20.org

summer circle chairs

If you need the perfect chair for a casual sitting space, you might want to consider something simple and practical like this pink and wet set of chairs.

image via modernhausdesign.com

hanging circle chair

Made of wood, this hanging chair is a great place to relax. On top of that, it just looks downright cool.

image via homedecorfree.net

bold red round swivel chair

Circle chairs don’t have to be flashy and over the top, there are plenty of designs that can blend in perfectly with traditional spaces.

image via sipfon.org

black and white round chair design

Between the black and white color scheme and the sleek design, this circle chair is sure to turn more than a few heads.

image via http://www.cometinteriordesign.com

simple metal circle chairs

Whether you need chairs for your living room or your dining space, these lovely chairs can get the job done.

image via massmoderndesign.com

wicker circle chair with orange cushion

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, a wicker circle chair is an excellent option.

image via designerpages.com

cool wooden circle chair

Thanks to their round design, circular chairs can also double as great places to sleep.

image via https://www.pinterest.com/source/latricedesigns.com/

unique wood chair design

There’s nothing wrong with a little creativity, and this cool wooden circle chair is all about thinking outside of the box.

image via http://bestfurnituregallery.blogspot.com
lead image via lebello.com


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