10 Cool Shower Mirror Designs For Your Bathroom

cool shower with mirror

Have you ever been in the shower and thought about how nice it would be to be able to see your reflection while you’re shaving or combing conditioner through your hair? More than likely. Especially the men. Shaving your face in the shower is a lot easier when you can actually see your face. Unfortunately, however, most mirrors simply aren’t a good fit for showers. It’s no secret that the steam from the hot water will eventually cause the mirror to become foggy. There’s no point in having a mirror that you can’t see yourself in. However, shower mirrors are specifically designed to be used in showers, and they feature an anti fog design that allows them to stay clear the entire time you’re showering. For most people, having a mirror in the shower can even reduce the amount of time it takes them to get ready. Like most other things, these a shower mirror can come in a variety of designs and sizes. There are some that are practical but not stylish, and others that work well and look good. Whether you’ve got a big walk in shower, or a traditional shower/tub design, a shower mirror can certainly come in handy. Why not get a mirror that can do both? Check out 10 cool shower mirror designs for your bathroom.

cool modern shower with mirror

image via Memorabledecor.com

beautiful tiled bathroom

image via patahome.com

bathroom with glass enclosed shower

image via https://www.pinterest.com/HomeDSGN/

large shower with mirror

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shower with mirror tiles

image via trendir.com

shower with lighted mirror

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master bathroom shower with mirror

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anti fog shaving mirror for shower

image via decoist.com

nice shower mirror with anti food esign

image via http://www.electricmirror.com/

shower with mirror with lights on side

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