10 Cool Novelty Lighting Ideas For Your Home

cool contemporary hola light sign

Everyone knows how important lighting is to a home. Not having enough light can make your home feel dark, dreary, and depressing and those are three things that no one wants to feel when they come home. At the same time, however, people also want their spaces to look good. This is exactly why novelty lighting is perfect for people who want their space to be well-lit and attractive at the same time. Novelty lighting fixtures can come in a wide variety of cool designs, shapes, and sizes. Designed to provide light and also bring in some added style, novelty lighting can really add character to your space. So if you’re looking for a way to bring a little more pizzaz into your home, the answer could be novelty lighting. Check out these 10 cool novelty lighting ideas for your home.

20 Cute Emoji String of Lights LED Outdoor Waterproof Flexible Novelty Lighting

Who doesn’t love emojis? They’ve become a part of the way lots of communicate with one another and they’re downright fun to look at.

3D Glow LED Night Light Lotus Inspiration 7 Colors Optical Illusion Lamp Touch Sensor

This cool 3D light has a design that is sure to turn lots of heads while also giving off a soft green glow in your home.

Table Desk Lamp – Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light

If you’re looking for a small lamp that can provide some supplemental lighting to your space, you might want to consider a cool desk lamp like this.

LED Night Light with Sensor Plug-in Wall Night Lamp

Looking for the perfect novelty lighting option for a child’s bedroom or play area? This unique cloud shaped lamp is one your kids will definitely love.

Sensor Led Night Light, Color changing Plug-in LED Mushroom Dream Bed Lamp

You’re never too old to have a night-light, and this cool mushroom themed lamp could be the perfect accessory for your dresser or night stand.

Oval Egg Accent Light – Mercury Glass Starburst Led Table Lamp

One of the best things about novelty lighting is that it offers a chance for your to get even more creative with your interior design.

Lava the Original 14.5-Inch Colormax Lamp with Northern Lights Decal Base

When it comes to novelty lighting, there’s no item more well-known than the lava lamp. This classic item may be reminiscent of the 70s, but its vibes timeless.

White Rose Flower Fairy String Lights

Indoor string lights have become a very popular decor item for people looking to give their space some soft lighting while also adding a unique look.

Fding Modern IQ Puzzle Lampshade for DIY Home Decor Art Decor- Jigsaw Lights Lampshade

If you’re into DIY projects, you’ll definitely appreciate this awesome kit which allows you to make your very own novelty light fixtures.

Fascinations Home Decor Volcano Lamp

This cool volcano lamp gives off a calming red glow that will provide you with extra light without being overwhelming.

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