20 Cool Lamps To Light Your Home

cool cloud lamp

Lamps are cool, but most of us have them for practical purposes not for style. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t care how they look. We just care more about how they work. But whole lamps are obviously great for adding some light to our homes, they can also be great accessories. The right lamp can really make your space look a little better — in more ways than one. Cool lamps come in a variety of sizes, and designs. Basically, you can find a lamp to fight any room in your house, and to blend in with any style. The trick is deciding what kind of lamp you need. If you’re thinking of adding a lamp to your bedroom, you’ll probably want to consider a tabletop/desk lamp. If you’re going to put the lamp in your living room, you might want to go with a floor lamp, or maybe even a hanging lamp. While some people might prefer more traditional designs, others will definitely enjoy some of the creative options that are available. Although it seems unlikely, if your lamp is cool enough, it can easily steal the show. Ready to make your room a little brighter? Here are 20 cool lamps to light your home.

huge ball lamp

image via coolthings.com

cool lamp with broken design

image via http://www.delightfull.eu

yellow mario cube lamp

image via sofreakingcool.com

creative teddy bear lamp

image via boredpanda.com

cool hanging ball style lamp

image via homedit.com

black desk lamp with cool design

image via crookedbrains.com

unique pimp lamp for home

image via Thomdean.Com

designer floor lamp with cool design

image via http://pluslamps.com/

cool green dragon lamp

image via aliexpress.com

lamp with golden gun base

image via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXo9vUGjuOImmo7IbDodgiw

lego mario lamp

image via http://nerdapproved.com

oversized desk lamp for living room

image via digsdigs.com

cool lamp with skateboard base

image via makmis.com

cool table lamp with clear design

image via http://pcwallart.com

cool lamps with green paint

image via http://vintageindustrialstyle.com

diy coffee mug lamp

image via http://www.humideas.com

beautiful sleek black desk lamp

image via http://airows.com

unique black lamp with round bulbs

image via mikecole.us

trendy desk lamp for teens

image via http://writeteens.com/

bedroom lamp that project light on wall

image via pondly.com

lead image via sturees.com



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