10 Beautiful Living Rooms With Statement Rugs

Like a nice piece of statement jewelry, a statement rug can transform a living room. Everyone knows that a big, shiny, colorful bauble can transform a “little black dress” into a fun and festive ensemble. An area rug in the living room can do the same thing.

A statement rug in the living room is the perfect way to bring the room together. Rugs are also an inexpensive way to transform your living room. There are many ways that a statement rug can change a room. The rug can bring in color and texture and could even take the place of artwork on the walls. There is no end to how you can use a statement area rug to compliment your living room.

Here are 10 beautiful living rooms with statement rugs.


In a neutral living room, color can transform the room. The simplest way to bring color into a living room is through a statement rug. Whether a monochromatic rug or one with multiple colors, the rug can tie in the other parts of the living room. A bright pop of color in the rug that compliments the subtle shades of the living room accessories can create an eye-catching style.


Statement rugs add texture to the living room. It does not matter if they offer color or patterns, but no matter what, rugs add texture. Whatever material a living room rug is, it will create depth and interest in the room. A rug with different piling is a simple way to transform a living room.


Many area rugs have repeated patterns. Patterned rugs can make a statement as the foundation for the living room. Whether stripes or other images, patterns in an area rug will draw attention in the living room without taking away from the furniture and accessories. Patterns add interest and depth to the living room.


Layering rugs in the living room is a great way to show off your favorite rugs and creates a stylish look in the living room. If you live in an apartment with boring walls and neutral wall to wall carpet, a statement rug is a great way to claim the space as your own. If you have a favorite small rug, you can easily layer it over a larger, inexpensive but larger area rug in a monotone color. You can also incorporate more than one rug by overlapping them.

Living in a rental can be difficult because the colors of the walls and carpet are blah. A statement rug placed over the wall-to-wall carpet can help make the space your own. It is also a good way to cover yourself and re-claim your deposit if you spill. If you have a rug that you cherish because of its look and expense, yet it is small, you can place it on top of a less expensive rug with complementary or neutral color. Placing rugs over each other can add texture and depth to a room. If you have rugs of the same style with complimentary colors, why not layer them?


Animal prints or hides are an interesting way to accessorize your living room. Animal prints bring pattern and definition to a living room. Whether contemporary or traditional, an animal print or hide works. Zebra or cheetah prints are common. Sheepskin or cowhide rugs can be used to create a dramatic effect.

Animal prints can make a living room look eclectic or exotic. They can also bring texture and warmth into a room. Cowhide, for example, works well with traditional and contemporary décor. It is both natural and versatile. It can be layered. It can be light or dark in color. Cowhide will anchor the living room. Sheep- skin rugs are a great way to add warmth to the living room. A small sheepskin rug can be layered with another rug and add a cozy statement to the living room.


There are many ways to incorporate a statement rug into a contemporary living room. From bold prints to bright colors, from multiple textures to pop art print, a modern living room often relies on its area rug to complete the space.


Traditional living rooms can only benefit from a statement rug. It will elevate the room to a different level yet can be complimentary in tone. Whether a herringbone patterned rug or an oriental rug, the foundation of the room will bring in texture, depth and color and make the living room look more interesting.

Conversation Areas

A great way to use an area rug as a statement piece is to use more than one to create conversation areas in the living room. A living room is meant for entertaining, so conversation areas are appropriate. By coordinating the color and style of rugs, several can be used in a large living room to create a statement.


A statement rug can be a piece of artwork in the living room. Not only an accessory in the room, an area rug with printed artwork makes a clear statement. The artwork printed on the rug can be of nature or perhaps a glamorous image. An area rug with the image of Jimi Hendrix or Marilyn Monroe imprinted on it can transform a living room.


A statement rug can be classic, timeless and vintage. A rug that brings back earlier times can help make a living room look timeless. A vintage rug does not need to be flashy. It simply can be a rug that brings in texture and depth to the living room while complimenting the furniture and upholstery and bring the room together.

Written by Housely

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